It's a long one

I have this week off as I'm about to open a new chapter next week with a new company. I'm incredibly excited and humbly aware of how this a blessing that so many other people would love to have. But that's how life works. I have so many things on my life wish list that I see my friends get rather easily and I always wonder how that is fair. It's not. But these same friends probably wish for some of the blessings I have. 

So this week will be spent as a "woman of leisure" as my dad so eloquently said it. I'm back in sweet home alabama spending restful time with my parents. Sometimes that's just what we need. A few days of being still. I told my mom yesterday that the last time I actually took time off without any type of work distraction- its been three years. Clearly way too long. So we're laying low up at the lake, doing a whole lot of nothing.

With that comes a lot of reading {more on that soon} and blog surfing.  I came across this home on a site I forgot to bookmark so I don't have the URL for you, unfortunately. But it just drew me in immediately with its crisp clean colors and simple lines. The use of modern-ish furniture with heirloom accessories. Sheer heaven for this girl.



Shifting gears, I want to do a bit of bragging on one of my most favorite people ever.  The lovely lady in the middle is my best friend, Mauri. I met her very soon after moving to Atlanta several years ago. She's the type of friend I always wished for but never seemed to find. Don't get me wrong, I have a lot of other amazing friends whom I cherish but there was always something missing from my life, it seemed. When I met Mauri, it was like she had memorized my personal manual. And at times, it seemed as though she could direct me to the exact page when I needed help. She's the friend who keeps me in check, knows my heart and encourages me to be the best version of myself. 

Back in the fall, Mauri and her husband discovered they were having twin boys. There were lots of complications and it was a nightmare of a pregnancy. Three months on VERY strict bed rest in the hospital, I only heard her complain one time. It coincidentally was the same day I was irritated about something I don't even remember now. Within three minutes of walking into her room, she looked at me and said, "alright...what's going on with you- something is off." and we sat there and talked it out, my little therapist and I.  Many tears were shed in that room as well as many dreams we had for the little ones. I fell in love with those boys. And then they made their debut somewhere around the 27 weeks mark. 
We were all terrified. The prognosis was very dim. Doctors told us it would take a miracle but we all ignored them. The minute I laid eyes on these boys I knew they were something incredible. They became family to me. After a month in the NICU, one of the boys passed away. It was brutally painful. To watch your best friend go through that is gut wrenching. I wished more than anything to take that off her. But the truth was, she pulled the sadness off of me. Funny how that works. 

And she rallied. Because there was a handsome ball of love still needing his mommy. And boy did he decide to champion and wow us with his progress.  Every time I went to see him, he had grown and reached a new milestone.  To my surprise one day, Mauri said, "reach in there and put your hand on him and he will think you're holding him."
The world disappeared and it was me and my little buddy. We talked about how handsome he is and how he's going to be a heartbreaker to all the ladies in the future.

Sheer magic. 

So this weekend, we all gathered to shower him with gifts because he will coming home very soon. It was so fun to sit back and talk about how far this little guy has come in the past few months. 

Lots of laughs and and lots of tears were shed but it was perfect. 

Shifting gears again!!

A few random photos to finish us off.

We may or may not have been picture happy this weekend. It's a rarity that I do my makeup more than just the concealer and bronzed look, so I obliged to moms request and we got this.
Anyone else want to join me for this photo a day challenge? It's been so much fun, so far!!
For the "on my table" post, I bit the bullet and upgrade to a new coffee table. I love the change in shape {my old table was a dark wood rectangular table, this is a round black metal and glass top}. It really opens up the room and has sparked so many DIY ideas for future projects for the room...stay tuned!!!

Well if you made it all the way to here, I applaud you.

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