My weekend

Working for the weekend must be the theme song for my life these days. 

I have gotten quite a bit accomplished the past two days. It all started around 12:30 am with several allergy attacks and throat closings, I discovered that my dogs must have roled around in something that I'm clearly allergic to. It was at this point that I knew I had to get out of bed, strip all the linens, aggressively bathe both pups and then remake the bed with fresh linens. I believe that took an hour and I've been washing linens all weekend. Yet another reminder that having someone clean my house is a luxury I'm willing to fork the cash over for.

Ever since starting my new job, I have become highly aware that my wardrobe isn't up to par. This led me down a path that I became painfully aware that I had let myself go to a degree. I got into a routine where I wore the same stuff over and over and so much just sat in my closet. So I decided that those days are over and have reorganized the racks to make sure that I am aware of all that's hanging in there so I don't neglect the blouses and dresses I love but never remember to pull out. And of course, I went on a mini spree and added a few pieces to spruce things up.


I couldn't pass this little guy up. Game day dress I can wear now, yes please!!

Mid day yesterday, I treated myself to a few bites of these suckers. They are incredible to say the least.

Loaded up on some staples from target. And I was beyond pumped that I FINALLY found the glitter sandals in my size. I think bloggers have swiped these guys the second they hit the shelves, so I call this a blog miracle.

Got some summer pjs. Another target score (on sale too!!) and I have a feeling that I will be sporting these guys immediately after setting the keys on the counter after a long day at work.

One shirt, so many options

If you we're to take a peek into my jam packed closet, you would see that the overwhelming amount of shirts I own resemble something like this...

I don't think I've seen a stripe I don't like. The challenge of a wardrobe filled to the brim with stripes is that it can appear that I wear the same thing every day. The solution? Accessories!! And for me, that typically means a bright over the top necklace.

Take a peek at several of my favorite pieces from Bauble Bar.

The 8pm Friday moment

Is there anything better than that stretch of time you find yourself lounging on the sofa on a Friday evening?? It's 8pm and you've already got pjs on. The week was long and exhausting and now you have the promise of two glorious days to spend however you choose. 

Feel like cashing in around 9:30 pm? Go for it! Got a wild idea to scour farmers markets in search of the freshest tomatoes you can get your hands on? I agree, that sounds fabulous!!

It doesn't matter what's on the agenda, you know one thing is not...and that's work. So soak it up. Drink in that 8pm Friday goodness. It lasts so briefly, so when it greets you, welcome it in with open arms!

So what do I plan on doing this weekend??
Saturday morning spent in pajamas drinking coffee on my porch and soaking up that amazing morning sun.

Stepping up my game and test out of culinary skills by perhaps making smoothie Popsicles. And just an FYI, I make a MEAN smoothie these days!!

Maybe a project here and there. There's just that calm that can only come when the brush hits the canvas.

And finally, really dialing in to what I want to focus on. Prioritizing life goals really do make the blah moments more enjoyable.

Hair confessions

Confession: I have rescheduled a hair appointment four times now pushing the appointment out another 6 weeks each time simply because I cannot decide what I want done and out of fear of losing length that I've been painfully growing out the past year. 

Last year, I came to grips with the fact that I had tortured the tresses for too long and they were beyond repair. So one sad Saturday, I parted with over 6 inches and it was traumatizing to say the least. My hair was grateful for the fresh start and has done its part in thanking me by growing back stronger than its ever been.

Now I'm painfully aware that its past time to get back in that chair and let the scissors revive some style back into this thing. Right now, I have no layers or any style at all and it looks so boring, I might as well only wear yoga pants and t shirts and just strap the fanny pack around my waist. I call this the "I've given up" look. Example a...
So when I got a reminder of my appointment for tomorrow, a little panic set in. Naturally, I wanted to call and reschedule for sometime in August just to buy me some more time, but I know that's the cowardly way out. So today, I'm doing my research so that I show up prepared.

It should be noted that my stylist and I have differing ideas of what style I should have, but we somehow always meet in the middle and thankfully so because he ends up pushing me out of my comfort zone and into a style I actually like but didn't imagine for myself. He tends to be more layer happy than I am, so I have to be very careful when I request these. As much as I love Jennifer Anniston, I don't want the Rachel do from the 90s. And not that he finds that attractive, I just always fear it as a possibility when I drop the "L" word.

So here is where I need your help. I have two main goals in mind and from there, I need direction in how to reach these goals.

Ultimately, this is the length I'm aiming for.

I have a few inches to go but also know that it's time for some style up in there.

It should be noted that I'm lazy and only wash my hair two or three times a week, so it usually ends up like this...


The second goal is to have an actual shape besides the frazzled young mom look. I don't have kids and even if I did, I don't find that a good excuse to look frumpy.  So am I crazy for asking for something like this?



Trow your suggestions at me, because I clearly am clueless here! 

Happy Friday!!!

Currently loving

I have a constant battle with my hair.  Usually the hair wins and I give up with natural waves that usually end up in a ponytail by 2pm. However, when I see pictures like this, I find myself a smidgen more motivated to put in the WORK required to tame this mane.

A friend posted a pic on Instagram that she signed up for monthly shippings of cleaning and wellness products from the honest company. This is Jessica Alba's company if you weren't aware and they focus on providing safe organic products to help people live a life with far fewer chemicals. The Instagram prompted me to take at look at what was available and I'm really loving this dish soap set. So cute!!
Also, I'm really into this sleek gold hardware! And that towel is what I've been eyeing for my bathroom when I finally redo it. You can find similar versions at west elm for a great price.

On sale at anthropologie

Just a few of my favorite items in the big sale at anthro. Do yourself a favor and take advantage of these deals!!









Living room updates

Well that didn't take too long! Clearly after posting about wanting to redo pieces of my living room, I just HAD to jump in the car. I knew what I was looking for so this was a quick fix! 

And the before/ after shot of today's project...drumroll please..................

Please take into consideration that several pillows were missing from the before shot as they were being washed. Clearly the pillow arrangement is out of whack in that photo, bit it will have to suffice.

So here she is in all her glory. I love it already!! All pillows were from Target and under $100 total. That's a deal if you ask me!!
It feels so much calmer in here now just by muting the color palette a bit. 

Now for the next dilemma. I'm clearly not done with the new frame arrangement. In keeping with the all white theme, I don't want to add pictures in. This is more of what I have in mind.

Something very simple and encouraging written in gold for one or two of the frames. 
I've loved this print ever since I saw it on instagram. If you aren't familiar with Lara Casey, do yourself a favor and look her up. She has several prints like this that I love.

I'm also considering making something simple like this.
So here's where you come in. What would you do to finish this sofa tale knowing that I want to keep everything white with tiny hints of gold? Do I need more frames? How many and what sizes? 

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