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Several months ago when this little blog began, I started asking my sisters and friends what they'ld like me to post on. I naturally lean towards interior design posts with the occasional outfits here and there and every now and then sprinkle in a few "what I'm loving" posts. I'll be honest and tell you I've had feedback I didn't particularly care for and then feedback that I LOVED!!

So when I asked for ideas for future posts, my little sister, the makeup QUEEN, suggested I show what makeup I use on a daily basis. I am by NO stretch of the imagination an expert at this. I subscribe more to the concept of "makeup in five minutes so I can sleep an extra twenty." I do try to keep up with the latest trends but they typically don't make it into my routine. My sister is always updating me on the latest and greatest products, so there is a bit of movement in the ole' repetoire, but for the most part, here is what I use on a daily basis.
I like to keep the makeup I use on a daily basis neatly organized and in plain sight.  No digging around in a drawer full of half used mascara's for this girl.  I bought this acrylic organizer and Target and it is a game changer for sure!  Everything fits perfectly!

So let's start with a few of the basic necessities.  Most of my brushes are from Bare Essentials or MAC.  They hold up for years. My sister keeps telling me these are not that great and she keeps encouraging me to branch out to bigger and better. Maybe that will happen one day. 
My foundation routine is very simple.  For just an everyday look, I apply concealer under my eyes, on the eyelids, nose area and any other trouble spots.  I swear by Dermablend. It is the perfect consistency. You can get it at Ulta. I'll confess and tell you that I've been cheap recently and been using a Covergirl concealer stick. Not as great-but does the job.  Once the concealer is blended in by fingers, I run HOT water over the Pink Beauty Blender Sponge {MIRACLE WORKER!!!}.  This sets the concealer and adds just enough moisture to my face for that dewey look.  From there, I'll sweep the Bare Essentials Flawless Face Brush around the ELF bronzer a few times and start on the areas you typically contour. This actually acts as my "foundation" because it gives an even all over cover. I'm PYSCHO about sunscreen, so my face is always a few shades lighter than the rest of my skin. The bronzer helps even that out.  AND its $3 at Target!  I literally buy like 5 at a time. I swear by it!  I also love this because it has four different colors in it...Hello built in contouring kit!  If I'm feeling a bit more jazzy, I'll use the orange contouring brush with this and it works wonders!
Now if I'm wanting a more put together look, I'll use the Revlon Air Mousse Foundation. I apply this with the Sephora foundation brush and it is amazing!  Set it with the beauty blender and you are talking airbrushed look!  I've actually started putting a bit of this into my face lotion in the mornings for an instant tinted moisturizer! Highly recommend you go buy this!!
Once I've finished my foundation {whether its a simple concealer and bronzer day or an actual foundation day} I buff my whole face with the Bare Essentials Kabuki brush. This really helps to even things out and set the makeup.
Getting tired yet?
So as far as eyes go, I keep it VERY simple. Typically I'm a tans, browns and peaches kind of girl.  The Urban Decay Naked palette works wonders for this especially when traveling!  I also cannot live with that little Maybelline palette! Cheap and amazing!!

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