Recent Pinterest Obsessions

Lookout world.

I've started to bring lunch to work.

My waistline and bank account should start thanking me any day now.

And with an extra hour at my disposal, I'll update the old blog for you guys.


I am ALL about making a house a home. 

And thats all about the small details.

The ones that make me want to stay in all day and curl up with the dogs and watch a good movie or read a good book.

I literally want to jump into this bed, turn the fan on high, close the blinds, turn up the sound machine and doze off for hours!!
I have an obsession with little vignettes like this.
We all have these little things scattered around but when they're put together they look so much better.
The color combinations here are insane!
While I'm not as crazy about the color scheme here, I really like the layout of this living room.
She looks like she has about the same amount of space I have in mine, so its fun to see what she does with the space.
I think these are amazing!
They would be multifunctional for me.
I'm imagining using them as serving bowls but also for flower arrangements, catch alls (i.e. keys, sunglasses, etc) by the door.
This is seirously the cutest idea!
And because I'm more into cooking and eating a more healthy diet, these guys look like they'd keep that chocolate craving to a minimum.

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