Catching up...

Hey You.

Put the Cadbury Eggs down.

I see them.

You are embarassing yourself.


To say that the last week has been crazy would be an understatement.

Amidst many other things, I hosted Easter this year, so that kept me rather busy last weekend.

As I was preparing my place to look presentable, I found this guy...
I had a really hard time saying NO. Only because I have NOWHERE to hang it.
The Easter Bunny came early this year and brought me a whole new bed set.  And by Easter Bunny, I mean I skipped the Easter Dress and opted for this instead.  My bank account thanks me.
This candle was a Homegoods Find {surprise!} and it is amazing! I highly recommend it!!
Easter Decor isn't typically my thing. So this was going to have to do.
Madison is obsessed with laying in the sun. I keep telling her she doesn't need a tan, but she doesn't listen one bit.
Lilo and I went antiquing on Saturday. We came across a nice diamond in the ROUGH and I hit the jackpot! I scored those candleholders and tray for a grand total of $10.
A new tray and milk glass bowl to catch all my jewelry I forget to take off before bed.
Easter Breakfast at my house. I think we had MORE than enough carbs to last us for a week!!
Hudson is SO good at begging. He knows his grandparents are his best bet at slipping him some scraps. But his bangs are still the best I've seen on a dog...begging and all.
Really feeling this article from Lucky Magazine.
And this bed featured in Coastal Living....amazing!!
And Finally- a lunch trip to Target resulted in the purchase of $13 worth of Easter Candy.

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