A little DIY for you...

Happy Friday!

I thought I'ld celebrate by catching you up with a little DIY I did last weekend with Lilo.

It all started when I came across this picture on pinterest...
The second I saw that, I couldn't get it out of my mind.
And I decided I'ld give ol' Home Depot a visit and try to recreat this look for myself.
So I started out with this old ugly mirror from my college days...
I met up with Lilo at Home Goods and found the color decisions a bit overwhelming.

You'ld be surprised how hard it is to decide which color to pick for something so simple.

A couple coats of paint, a brush with death because of Lilo's gangsta dog, Max and a couple hours later...

And just for fun, I painted an old ugly frame (coincidentally from college as well).
I want a new dresser but I'm having a hard time replacing my mom's childhood dresser.
I know it has seen better days but it will stay for a while longer.
Happy Friday!!!!!

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