Recent Pinterest Obsessions

Lookout world.

I've started to bring lunch to work.

My waistline and bank account should start thanking me any day now.

And with an extra hour at my disposal, I'll update the old blog for you guys.


I am ALL about making a house a home. 

And thats all about the small details.

The ones that make me want to stay in all day and curl up with the dogs and watch a good movie or read a good book.

I literally want to jump into this bed, turn the fan on high, close the blinds, turn up the sound machine and doze off for hours!!
I have an obsession with little vignettes like this.
We all have these little things scattered around but when they're put together they look so much better.
The color combinations here are insane!
While I'm not as crazy about the color scheme here, I really like the layout of this living room.
She looks like she has about the same amount of space I have in mine, so its fun to see what she does with the space.
I think these are amazing!
They would be multifunctional for me.
I'm imagining using them as serving bowls but also for flower arrangements, catch alls (i.e. keys, sunglasses, etc) by the door.
This is seirously the cutest idea!
And because I'm more into cooking and eating a more healthy diet, these guys look like they'd keep that chocolate craving to a minimum.

Catching Up

It really is amazing how quickly life can change.

One second you're cracking jokes.

And the next moment, you receive a heartbreaking phone call that reminds you too quickly how short life really is.

This has happened twice this week to me.

Mothers losing children.

Children losing mothers.

Its enough to make me press the pause button on all of my complaints and take a step back.

To realize that hugs are healing.

And solid friendships really do soothe my soul.
Because I've said it so many times.
That happiness it a choice.
One that I make daily.
Over and over again.
And sometimes its really hard to do that.
The silver lining isn't always easy to see.
And this is where the magic happens.
Because in these dark moments where you seem comfortably numb, something shifts.
And you catch yourself laughing.
And then the load begins to lighten.
So to ease us all into a restful weekend, that will hopefully bring a lot of rejuvenation, I've posted a few pictures that just keep the smiles coming my way.

Is there anything more precious than this?
I came across this picture recently and just realized its been ages since I played with dandelions.
And I looked JUST like this little one.
In the dirt with a dress on!
This piece of art is incredible to me. I'ld love a series of something like this.
In effort to become more healthy, I've started making smoothies for breakfast.
You read correctly.
I'm about to jump on the green juice wagon, so if you have any tips, please do share!
I want this immediately!
And I want one of Madison and one of Hudson.
Both in pink.
If I could set a table like this, I would entertain daily.
How perfect is this?
My sister in law recently asked me for some baby shower party favor ideas.
Now while I don't suggest sending out booze as a gift, a bottle like this would be TOO CUTE!!
Lucite drawers.
I rest my case.
{Just remove those terrible pulls}

A little DIY for you...

Happy Friday!

I thought I'ld celebrate by catching you up with a little DIY I did last weekend with Lilo.

It all started when I came across this picture on pinterest...
The second I saw that, I couldn't get it out of my mind.
And I decided I'ld give ol' Home Depot a visit and try to recreat this look for myself.
So I started out with this old ugly mirror from my college days...
I met up with Lilo at Home Goods and found the color decisions a bit overwhelming.

You'ld be surprised how hard it is to decide which color to pick for something so simple.

A couple coats of paint, a brush with death because of Lilo's gangsta dog, Max and a couple hours later...

And just for fun, I painted an old ugly frame (coincidentally from college as well).
I want a new dresser but I'm having a hard time replacing my mom's childhood dresser.
I know it has seen better days but it will stay for a while longer.
Happy Friday!!!!!

Monogrammed Shams

I've been fighting a silent battle with myself for quite some time.

I keep seeing these over the top monogrammed shams and want to get some for myself.

Let me back up.

About 10 years ago I told myself that I wouldn't buy anything else monogrammed because I knew that as soon as I did, my initials would change and then it would be useless.


A few weeks ago, I was in a linens store with my sister and sister-in-law when I spied the most insanely gorgeous monogrammed sham.

I fell in love with it.

And I haven't stopped thinking about it since.

So this is where you all come in.

I've scoured the internet trying to find someone who can do this for me.

We aren't talking your average sized monogram.

We're talking about something along the lines of these guys...

So if you know of somewhere I can get these done, please send me the information.
I am ready to tell that little voice inside of me to shut up...the one that keeps telling me to wait until my initials change.
Because lets face it.
I am not in the waiting business anymore.

Catching up...

Hey You.

Put the Cadbury Eggs down.

I see them.

You are embarassing yourself.


To say that the last week has been crazy would be an understatement.

Amidst many other things, I hosted Easter this year, so that kept me rather busy last weekend.

As I was preparing my place to look presentable, I found this guy...
I had a really hard time saying NO. Only because I have NOWHERE to hang it.
The Easter Bunny came early this year and brought me a whole new bed set.  And by Easter Bunny, I mean I skipped the Easter Dress and opted for this instead.  My bank account thanks me.
This candle was a Homegoods Find {surprise!} and it is amazing! I highly recommend it!!
Easter Decor isn't typically my thing. So this was going to have to do.
Madison is obsessed with laying in the sun. I keep telling her she doesn't need a tan, but she doesn't listen one bit.
Lilo and I went antiquing on Saturday. We came across a nice diamond in the ROUGH and I hit the jackpot! I scored those candleholders and tray for a grand total of $10.
A new tray and milk glass bowl to catch all my jewelry I forget to take off before bed.
Easter Breakfast at my house. I think we had MORE than enough carbs to last us for a week!!
Hudson is SO good at begging. He knows his grandparents are his best bet at slipping him some scraps. But his bangs are still the best I've seen on a dog...begging and all.
Really feeling this article from Lucky Magazine.
And this bed featured in Coastal Living....amazing!!
And Finally- a lunch trip to Target resulted in the purchase of $13 worth of Easter Candy.
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