Tuesdays with Hudson-The Collected

Hudson here.

Reporting for duty.

I want to let you in on a little secret.

One that I firmly believe in.

Suzanne Kasler couldn't say it any better.
I think the most inviting homes are those that you can ask for the story about each item.
And that story is one that brings a smile to the owner's face.
So when I'm adding little touches here and there, I remember this.
If I don't love it, I don't want it.
I like mixing the old with the new.
The heirlooms with the modern quirks.
So take a look at a few things I would LOVE to add to my home now.
Everything on this table, I love.
Especially that painting.
Oh that mirror!
That coral color.
Everything about this room.
Love the fabric.
Love the green iron bed.
Love the modern with the traditional.
I want this chair so much.
I could sit in it for hours.
And have my bangs photographed.

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