Tuesday Favorites

I know.

It's Tuesday.

And that means one thing.

Tuesdays with Hudson.

But he is really tired from the time change so he has the week off.

The worst.


So in effort to try to make your time worthwhile here, I'm going to show you a few things I'm loving right now.

Sweet Tart Jelly Beans.
They are SO GOOD!!

And look so pretty on my coffee table.
My parents came in town to go the Scott's Antique Mart last weekend.
We went to Antico so they could FINALLY experience the best pizza ever.
It didn't disappoint one bit.
I'm obsessing over this oyster painting.
I want it ASAP!
This would be amazing on a kitchen table.
It reminded me of you, Kristen!!!
My mom brought me Krispy Kreme's when she visited.
Sorry, Spears, KK beats DD any day!!
Can I get an amen??
The time change has literally sucked the energy out of me.
So I've loaded up my playlist with some LOUD fun tunes.


  1. A-men! I need that oyster painting also. Any idea where I can find one, too?

  2. Natalie, there is an art vendor at Scott's that is FABULOUS!! She had several oyster paintings. They are even more incredible in person. I don't have her contact information, but you need to make a trip to Scott's next month and she should have them then.


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