Recent Springtime favorites

I recently decided that Winter is over.

If you live in the south, you're already seeing green popping up.

Unfortunatley, we're at the stage that it can be 74 degrees one day and 52 the next.


In effort to welcome in my favorite season of the year, here are a few things that have been added to the old closet.

I tried this on when I was returning a dress to Gap.
I realized I needed to buy the size down {BOOM!!} and grabbed one to check out.
Little did I know I accidentally grabbed an XS.
Clearly, I am NOT and XS.

These Dolce Vita wedges are even better in person.
Lots of compliments when I sported those yesterday.
Even though I was FREEZING.
{Someone needs to learn to check the weather channel every now and then}
Really into the mixing of patterns these days.
Pretty sure this outfit is sheer perfection.
I'm currently sporting this scarf over a chambray top.
Anything with parrots-I'm loving it.
I had the HARDEST time saying no to these.
I think they were just a smidge too tall {aka not quite professional-but what do I know-I'm also sporting leggings as pants}.
Nordstrom always sucks me in with their shoes.

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