Monday Obsessions

Last weekend I decided was going to be a time where I just detox from all the things that stress me out and spend some time doing what I love the most.

I went shopping.

I ate food that is terrible for me.

I slept late.

And I loved it all.

A few things from the weekend that made me happy.

First of all, Jessica Alba is insanely gorgeous.
So when I started seeing her new book pop up all over instagram and the blog world, I knew I had to check it out.
It is SO GOOD!!!
And I'm not even the granola hippy type AT ALL.
Lilo finally convinced me to throw the towel in and try wings last week.
I have a thing about eating food directly off the bone.
And also food that come with hand wipes.
Can't do it.
But they were suprisingly good.
Not sure if I'll try them again any time soon, though.
Be still my restless heart.
I almost threw the towel in on this too.
And Bloomingdales' 25% off sale wasn't helping the cause.
But then I remembered that I don't need ANOTHER tan bag.
Or do I?
I love this stuff.
I could drink it all day every day.
I have recently discovered this wine.
And it is SO GOOD.
I may or may not have had a few glasses last night.
By myself.
And I don't even care.
Because I'm having another as we speak.
First pedicure the season.
Such a nice treat!
And from the looks of it, my feet appear as though I do meth.

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