Monday Obsessions

When I was somewhere around 12 years old, I had a friend that made a very powerful statement to me that changed me.

She told me how she always sleeps in matching pajama sets in the event that her house caught on fire, she would be ready.

Ready for the cute firemen to come and save her.

I was 12.

And I had NEVER thought of this.

Nor had I ever really considered that boys paid attention to things like that.

And I DEFINITELY had never thought I could have a rom com moment.

I probably should have thought more about that.

Fast forward many years later.

I'm watching the Bachelor with my two dogs and suddenly the apartment building fire alarm went off.

And it was SO LOUD.

And I could do nothing but take the dogs outside.

In hopes that the things left inside wouldn't be destroyed.

The alarm stopped, so I went back inside.

And then a few minutes later, someone started pounding on my door.

There I stood.

Three VERY attractive firemen at my door.

And I'm in sweatpants.

And Hudson runs out the door.

Wearing his "pants."

Good Lord.

That was an epic fail on my part.

And yet I find myself writing this in pajama pants that are 3 inches too short.

And a sweatshirt that is 3 sizes too big.


Let's talk about a few things that I've fallen for recently, shall we?

This candle is amazing!
Straight out of the Target Candle Aisle.
I bought this bulb kit after Christmas from the 75% off pile.
I couldn't be more proud.
It didn't die.
And it looks great.
Miracles, people.
These prints amaze me.
And it seems that they amaze a lot of other people.
Because they were sold out.
You win.
Once again.
Another candle I love.
I found this one at World Market.
Go get one for yourself!
An exercise in the 2013 "I don't care what people think about me" Campaign.
She is fabulous.
Be jealous.
And there you have it.
You aren't always the worst.

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