Arm Parties

Everyone meet Katie, or as she likes to call herself, Lilo.

Lilo has gone ON AND ON recently about her need to get going with the arm party I've been attending all this time.
To put it in her own words...
"I would consider myself a trend setting fashion follower -- that's right, both of those are synonymous and can be used when referring to the same person. I embrace new trends but only months (to a year) after they're created. I'm more of a sit back and watch and see if I stop judging enough to love it (which makes me have to have it). Which, leads me to arm parties - the newest in my every day fashion. Recently, I've just gotten my toes wet with 2 bracelets and a watch (oooh and aaah here). Attached, is my current arm party -- BORING -- so I thought it's time to take it up a notch."

I introduced Lilo to Bauble Bar and here are her top picks.
What pieces are you dying to add to your arm party?

Gah, Lilo.

Look at those moves!!!

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