Hair Obesssions

Can we talk about something?
Something that I think every girl thinks about quite a bit.
I plan my morning around whether or not I'm blowing out my hair.
I remember looking forward to hair cuts as a kid thinking they would completely change my life.
So I've been obsessing over these damaged locks recently.
Mostly because my hair is currently the lenght of this girls...
Because this time last year, I chopped my hair with hopes of it looking like this...

Now, I'm back on the quest.
To grow this mop out.
I stare at my pinterest boards and just drool at how perfect all of these are...


Weekend Obsessions

I just realized that I haven't ventured out of Atlanta since Christmas.

I called up the Sassy's and informed them that I HAD to get away.

The original plan was to do a lake weekend, but that wasn't happening thanks to the gross rain.

So I packed up Hudson and Madison and we drove over to Birmingham for some quality family time.

We spent the day doing the girly things like lunch at a super cute restaurant and then shopping!

A few shots of things I loved.

My sister in law always has the best table settings. I don't possess the gene that she has for collecting holiday dishes and little odds and ends.  I wish I did though because every time I go to her house, I quickly realize that I need to step up my game.  I spotted this on her dining room table and I am OBSESSED!!

Spotted this painting at Homegoods. I cannot even begin to explain how hard it was to not bring this with me.
Another Homegoods find.  SOOOO pretty in person!
UMMMMM can we talk about these? Because I am OBSESSED with these!!
Lilo, this is for you. Arm Party Central!
These sushi bowls were spotted at a store I love called At Home.  I think these are incredible!
Kristen found a stash of the coolest little bud vases. {P.S. isn't that sweater she's sporting so cute?}

Kristen's grandmother gave her these glasses and we spent a good bit of time drooling over these yesterday!

Recent Springtime favorites

I recently decided that Winter is over.

If you live in the south, you're already seeing green popping up.

Unfortunatley, we're at the stage that it can be 74 degrees one day and 52 the next.


In effort to welcome in my favorite season of the year, here are a few things that have been added to the old closet.

I tried this on when I was returning a dress to Gap.
I realized I needed to buy the size down {BOOM!!} and grabbed one to check out.
Little did I know I accidentally grabbed an XS.
Clearly, I am NOT and XS.

These Dolce Vita wedges are even better in person.
Lots of compliments when I sported those yesterday.
Even though I was FREEZING.
{Someone needs to learn to check the weather channel every now and then}
Really into the mixing of patterns these days.
Pretty sure this outfit is sheer perfection.
I'm currently sporting this scarf over a chambray top.
Anything with parrots-I'm loving it.
I had the HARDEST time saying no to these.
I think they were just a smidge too tall {aka not quite professional-but what do I know-I'm also sporting leggings as pants}.
Nordstrom always sucks me in with their shoes.

Monday Obsessions

Last weekend I decided was going to be a time where I just detox from all the things that stress me out and spend some time doing what I love the most.

I went shopping.

I ate food that is terrible for me.

I slept late.

And I loved it all.

A few things from the weekend that made me happy.

First of all, Jessica Alba is insanely gorgeous.
So when I started seeing her new book pop up all over instagram and the blog world, I knew I had to check it out.
It is SO GOOD!!!
And I'm not even the granola hippy type AT ALL.
Lilo finally convinced me to throw the towel in and try wings last week.
I have a thing about eating food directly off the bone.
And also food that come with hand wipes.
Can't do it.
But they were suprisingly good.
Not sure if I'll try them again any time soon, though.
Be still my restless heart.
I almost threw the towel in on this too.
And Bloomingdales' 25% off sale wasn't helping the cause.
But then I remembered that I don't need ANOTHER tan bag.
Or do I?
I love this stuff.
I could drink it all day every day.
I have recently discovered this wine.
And it is SO GOOD.
I may or may not have had a few glasses last night.
By myself.
And I don't even care.
Because I'm having another as we speak.
First pedicure the season.
Such a nice treat!
And from the looks of it, my feet appear as though I do meth.

Tuesday Favorites

I know.

It's Tuesday.

And that means one thing.

Tuesdays with Hudson.

But he is really tired from the time change so he has the week off.

The worst.


So in effort to try to make your time worthwhile here, I'm going to show you a few things I'm loving right now.

Sweet Tart Jelly Beans.
They are SO GOOD!!

And look so pretty on my coffee table.
My parents came in town to go the Scott's Antique Mart last weekend.
We went to Antico so they could FINALLY experience the best pizza ever.
It didn't disappoint one bit.
I'm obsessing over this oyster painting.
I want it ASAP!
This would be amazing on a kitchen table.
It reminded me of you, Kristen!!!
My mom brought me Krispy Kreme's when she visited.
Sorry, Spears, KK beats DD any day!!
Can I get an amen??
The time change has literally sucked the energy out of me.
So I've loaded up my playlist with some LOUD fun tunes.

Arm Parties

Everyone meet Katie, or as she likes to call herself, Lilo.

Lilo has gone ON AND ON recently about her need to get going with the arm party I've been attending all this time.
To put it in her own words...
"I would consider myself a trend setting fashion follower -- that's right, both of those are synonymous and can be used when referring to the same person. I embrace new trends but only months (to a year) after they're created. I'm more of a sit back and watch and see if I stop judging enough to love it (which makes me have to have it). Which, leads me to arm parties - the newest in my every day fashion. Recently, I've just gotten my toes wet with 2 bracelets and a watch (oooh and aaah here). Attached, is my current arm party -- BORING -- so I thought it's time to take it up a notch."

I introduced Lilo to Bauble Bar and here are her top picks.
What pieces are you dying to add to your arm party?

Gah, Lilo.

Look at those moves!!!

Wednesday Obessions

It's been said that I have a way with the blue collar workers.

Not that I'm knocking them, because God knows how much I depend on those that are handy.

I can't screw a lightbulb into track lighting {true story}.

And I SURE CAN'T change a flat tire!

Yesterday morning I was greeted by a 1/4 of my car on the ground.


So with the help of a VERY kind friend, I got that money pit up to a repair shop.

Five hours later, they patched it all up and set me on my way.

No charges for labor, only parts.

Happens every time.

What can I say?

BC's love me.

I'm a magnet.

I'm highly aware.

Now onto a few things I'm loving right now.

Tuesdays with Hudson-The Collected

Hudson here.

Reporting for duty.

I want to let you in on a little secret.

One that I firmly believe in.

Suzanne Kasler couldn't say it any better.
I think the most inviting homes are those that you can ask for the story about each item.
And that story is one that brings a smile to the owner's face.
So when I'm adding little touches here and there, I remember this.
If I don't love it, I don't want it.
I like mixing the old with the new.
The heirlooms with the modern quirks.
So take a look at a few things I would LOVE to add to my home now.
Everything on this table, I love.
Especially that painting.
Oh that mirror!
That coral color.
Everything about this room.
Love the fabric.
Love the green iron bed.
Love the modern with the traditional.
I want this chair so much.
I could sit in it for hours.
And have my bangs photographed.
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