Weekend Shots/Teach Me How To Buy Groceries

Every now and then, everyone deserves a weekend spent alone.

Where you get to detox of all the silly things that normally stress you out.

When you can spend hours on the sofa in sweatpants {chucks}.

And you wake up 3 hours after you dozed off watching whatever movie was on TV.

That's what I did.

That and a few little shopping excursions.

A date with myself.

So naturally, I had to dress the part.

That shirt says "Liquid Brunch."
I was aiming for a look that says, "I'm mature."
And then I set out to Trader Joes.
And good lord, I loaded up on some of the randomest junk.
I've seen this floating all around the blogosphere.

And I had to try it for myself.


The rumors are true.

This Cookie Butter will do you in.

Reminds me a lot like the Biscoff Cookies and Cookie Spread {if you've ever had that}.

But much more affordable.

Have you ever had a chocolate dipped frozen banana?
Try these!
I bought stuff later in the weekend to make my own for much cheaper.
But they are the nicest little treat when you crave chocolate.

I'm excited to try this one.
You always hear how good Steel Cut Oats are for you.
This just cuts out all the time it takes to actually make them.
I'll give you my reviews once I've tried it.

No words needed here.
Can I get an AMEN!!?!?!?

Rule of Thumb when it comes to shopping at TJ's.
When you peruse the frozen aisle, use the Homegoods Rule.
Throw it in the cart.
You can always put it back.

I'm always tweaking things in my house.
I'm never fully done decorating.

So I saw on a blog where someone put all her oils, vinegars, seasonings, etc. in a basket close to the stovetop.
Clearly this is an easy project for Homegoods.
I'm on the hunt for a lamp for my TV console.
It can't be too bulky.
Especially the shade.
These guys looked fun, but not perfect for what I'm looking for.

Found some more gems while I was browsing.

I regret not buying that watercolor.

It was so pretty in person.

Finally decided that this is the day to whip out this casserole.

I bought this when I went to Charleston in the fall and stashed it in the freezer for a rainy day.

It wasn't raining.

But I said, "who cares" and tossed the sucker in the oven.

Good lord it was so good!!

If you have a recipe of something like this, please share!
New orchid plant project.


I'm obsessed with her.

And finally, just so you can see what a junk food skank I am.
This is my cart waiting to check out.
So healthy.
Is there a crash course on buying groceries?
Someone please help!!
Happy Monday, Flamingos.
Make it a good one!

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  1. New to your blog and love it! I could spend hours in Trader Joe's checking out all the different foods they offer. That cookie butter hasn't made it home with me yet because I'm afraid it'll be devoured. The chocolate bananas are amazing though!


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