Tuesdays with Hudson-So Nautical

Hudson here.

Reporting for duty.
Why the long face?
Probably because I'm upset at the outcome of Sunday's game.
CLEARLY I'm a San Fran Man.
So I've been drinking a lot of Prosecco to cheer myself up.
I've been thinking a lot about this lately.
And I've come to the conclusion that there really isn't anything better than a man with a yacht.
Can I get an amen??
True Story.
Once I was invited to go on a Saturday Yacht Outting.
I was beyond excited until anxiety kicked in.
With my little frame and lucious locks, I knew that wind would be a real problem.
I worked hours to straighten out these bangs.
WHY would I throw that all away?
So I decided to stay home and watch Mad Men instead.
I regret that.
And ever since, I've decided that the next invite I get, I'm GOING.
I'll just wear a scarf around my head.
This got me to thinking.
With Spring around the corner, I really need to be prepared.
You never know when that invitation will arrive.
So I've started putting together some Nautical mood boards and leaving hints for my mom.
I was even nice enough to include a few things for her.
CLEARLY she will join me and carry my Goyard luggage with her.
I really think this look could do her some justice.
She swears against the maxi dress, but I know best.
Oh my gosh.
Look at her hair blowing around like crazy.
Someone pass me a xanax.
My anxiety is rising just looking at it.
I think these are great!
I'ld wear them too if they came in my size.
And if I've had the time to get a pedicure.
WHAT yacht outing would be complete without one of these?
And when Max and I have our commitment ceremony, I can guarantee that this will be the theme.
We're going to incorporate this into our place very soon.
I'll make it happen.
Oh no!
She found a project that involves paint.
Another xanax please!
And I would clearly carry my hair essentials on board with this.
It has been fun.
I'm out.
To watch the season premier of Smash.


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