Scenes from this weekend

Very few words here.

I'm running late getting ready for Monday meetings.

Because it seems like that's all I do on Mondays.


The worst.

A few snapshots from the weekend.

My Mom came to visit me this weekend.
She brought me that magnolia leaf wreath.
I'm obsessed with it.
She brought the dogs homemade treats.
This is Lexie.
She was once my dog.
But my mom hijacked her.
She is now the favorite daughter.
And a diva.
Carol brought her earrings from the 90's for me to pick through.
Surprisingly I found a few pieces I like.
I was in Target yesterday and saw this.
For nobody to wear.
But it was too perfect to pass up.
Sunday attire.
No smirks this time, Sassy.
We treated ourselves to an adventure at the Dekalb International Farmers Market.
Go there if you are ever in Atlanta.
Just pop a Xanax before you go.
Because the word "crowded" doesn't do it justice.
But I scored some incredibly delicious things.
Including that chocolate croissant {not from QVC, Spears} and freshly ground Organic Columbian Coffee.
Ground specifically for French Press.
Spears and I hit up Cacao-a local Chocolatiere {is that how you spell it?}.
It is too pretty for words.
Another Atlanta staple.
I got salted caramel gelato and a Rosewater macaron.


  1. Omg! Love the magnolia wreath! Did C make it? Also, love that there is a macaron shop there!! Def on the list of things to do soon. Sis needs to come shopping for her new job so hopefully we can make a trip over!

  2. @karenkirby-Carol is not really the crafter. She got this from the farmer's market in Montgomery. I think they were leftover from Christmas, but I've wanted one for forever so she surprised me. I'm keeping it up year round.

    Yes, a shopping trip is a must! Just tell me when and I'll plan it all out for us!


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