My Favorite Hair Products

Looky here.

Someone is breaking all the rules and posting on a Saturday.

As I was getting ready this morning, I had the brilliant idea to share my favorite products with you.

Truth be told I've been a product junkie for years.

And I mean probably since 1998.

So to say that I've tested out most of the options is an understatement.

To keep you from going through information overload, we'll start with just my favorite hair products.

{1} Aveda Be Curly Style Prep {2} Aveda Damage Control {3} Aveda Air Control Hairspray {4} Moroccan Oil {5} Aveda Smoothing Serum {6} Aveda Anti-Humectant
From the looks of this, you'ld think Aveda is paying me for this post.
They aren't.
But I'm an avid Aveda afficianado.
Say that that as fast as you can five times.
So you know what I look for in hair products, here are the criteria.
1. Smells really good.
{Every guy I've dated has hated the scent of Aveda.
I think I'm stumbling onto something there.}
2.  Has staying power.
{I have thick, wavy hair that loves to frizz out at the drop of a hat.
I also have abused my hair through the years with A LOT of highlights.
So to tame this mane, it takes A LOT of work.
And products that continue to muscle through the day.}
3. Won't get me in trouble with my stylist.
{This is self explanatory.
We've all been there.
All you want is a hair cut that will change your life and make money grow on trees.
And your stylist starts drilling you.
"What products are you using?
Do you know that is basically like using dish soap."
So without further adieu, here is why these guys are my tried and true favorites.
{1} Aveda Be Curly Style Prep
For those days that I really can't find a reason to blow my hair out.
This stuff comes through in the clutch every time.
{2} Aveda Damage Control
If I could recommend only one product it would be this.
Any type of hair can use this.
It is the best detangler, heat protector and style reviver.
Seriously, I cannot live without this.
I bought this the first week I was in college and have never looked back.
{3} Aveda Air Control Hairspray
This stuff smells so good.
And it is just the right amount of hold to keep the fly aways at bay.
No stickiness.
Just right.
{4} Moroccan Oil
Hands down one of the biggest hair miracle workers out there.
Put this on before you dry your hair.
It will leave your hair so soft and manageable.
I've also been told it makes a great split end healer.
My sister has fine hair and she puts it on at night and swears by it.
{5} Aveda Smoothing Serum
Yet another miracle worker.
If your hair frizzes, one pump of this with the Moroccan Oil and you are set.
{6} Aveda Anti-Humectant
The old faithful.
I started using this in college also.
A tiny bit goes a long way.
I use this after my hair is styled.
Comb it through your hair with your fingers.
Start on the underneath side and work your way out.
It will keep your hair from turning into a giant afro-poof even in the most humid weather.
And there you have it.
My tried and true favorite products.
What are your favorites?
I'm always looking for the latest and greatest!!


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  2. The aveda sun care shampoo is one of my favorites for product build-up especially if you have fine hair like me!


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