Monday Catch Up


You are seriously the worst.

I know.

I'm the worst.

I've received several complaints about my hiatus.


I get it.

So in efforts of starting back to consistant daily blogging, lets talk about a few things that make me happy these days.


In a Kroger adventure last weekend, I picked these two beauties up.

Good Lord.

They are life changing.

And healthy.

At least I tell myself that.

My sister is such the makeup expert.

So when I find something she doesn't already know about, I feel pretty cool.

Needless to say, we are both obsessed with this goodness.

You will feel like a Kardashian with perfect skin instantly after applying this.

I found these gems in Homegoods over the weekend.
I regret not buying these.
They would be so perfect on a side table for just an added punch of dazzle.
Stupid budget.
Ha, who am I kidding?
It's honestly because I didn't feel like carrying them around the store.
And I had a hard time saying no to this.
With a few daisies, this little guy would be perfect anywhere!
This week's manicure.
This is for you, Lilo.
Would you looka there!
An accent nail!!
Constantine, the nail lady was convinced I was you.
She wouldn't let up about how she was the reason you were converted to gel.

A little progress on sprucing up the ole' entertainment center.
I saw this quote this week on one of my favorite blogs, Pawley's Island Posh.
It makes me smile.
My best friend from college just moved to Atlanta and drug me out of the house Friday.
She insisted we go out and see if we still had it.
Turns out we did.
No idea who the rando in this picture is.
But we got free drinks the whole time.
And several AWFUL pick up lines.
And we were gone by 12:30 am.
Looks like we can't hang like the old college days.
Make it a good one!

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