Giveaway Winner and Random Saturday Obsessions

Is it bad to be sitting in pajamas at 12pm on a Saturday?

If it is, then call me a rebel.

Because I really like it.

I FINALLY ran the numbers and we have a winner for the giveaway!!!

Let me tell you a bit about Emily.
She got so excited about the giveaway.
I saw SEVERAL facebook posts spreading the word about it.
IMMEDIATELY after the giveaway announcement!
And she followed everything possible to amp up her odds of winning.
So as I was tallying everyone's points yesterday, I realized something.
She won but there was one slight problem.
She never commented on what she wanted.
So I called her over to my desk yesterday.
And said. "HEY TINA. Maybe you'ld like to go comment on what you would like if you won."
About 3 minutes later, an email popped into my inbox with her comment.
Now, technically she didn't follow the rules.
But she shared the mess outta this blog with all her friends.
And that is exactly what this giveaway was about.
I love that enthusiasm!!
And that's the word I would use to describe Emily.
So refreshing in a world of Debbie Downers.
Congrats, Buff!!
Now onto the Saturday post.
Since I missed Friday.
I probably could have posted yesterday evening.
But I downed a few too many glasses of wine.
And was drunk pinning by 9pm.
Waking up with an ipad on your face is ideal.
I tell you!
So today, I present you with a load of randomness.

I CANNOT stop loving the outfit above!

I'll start working this into the repetoire immediately.

Who cares that it is 40 degrees out.

If you don't already follow Made By Girl, you should bookmark it stat.
She is insanely talented.
And I LOVE her Cocoa & Hearts prints.
They sell out SO FAST!!

Also, she's doing a giveaway that I would kill for.
Isn't this perfect?
I want it for the pathetic "gallery wall" I have in my living room.
I've obsessed over that brass bed frame for about a year now.

I currently have the BULKY mahogany sleigh bed.

I love it but am ready for something different.

Isn't this one so perfect?

Now I just have to find one like it for myself.

Any suggestions?

Where do I start with this?

I absolutely love the picture above the bed.

I'm looking for something to go over mine and something like this would be incredible!

Every time I see this picture, it reminds me to slow down and stop taking everything so seriously.
I'm off to Trader Joe's to find a few orchid plants for my living room like Natalie did below.
Have a lovely weekend!

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