Friday Finds

Happy Friday little gremlins.

I hope you are all kicking off the weekend with a bang.

I know I am.

A bowl of strawberry frosted mini wheats and some CW tv.


FRIDAY NIGHT up in here!!

I'm ok with it.

Tomorrow is a VERY big day for me.

Which translates into some seriously good content for this little pipe dream here.

You all know Saturdays are for gathering content for the week.

Let's just say, there is some good  stuff coming your way very soon.


I kicked off the weekend with working out my debit card.

He was getting so lazy the past few days.

The Nerve!

And here is what I brought home.
There is a story behind these shoes.
I don't like Elvis.
{Hudson does dig his bangs though}.
I saw these on the Instagram account EVERYONE should follow {target does it again}.
I knew I HAD to have these the second I saw them.
I've made 4 separate Target trips looking for these and today was THE day.
I bought them over lunch.
When I brought them into the office, Spears instantly said "those look cheap."
That is because they are.
And I don't even care.
I love them.
Your eyes aren't fooling you there.
Another selfie pic.
And even better, one in a dressing rom.
This is getting serious.
But that dress.
I cannot live without it.
This one is from Gap.
And if you are an Auburn girl, it will make the PERFECT game day dress.
Go get yours today.
I'm talking directly to you, Kristen!
We'll have two mathching dresses now.
This one and the flamingo dress.

These two are also from Gap.
I didn't get the green stripe dress.
But I will.

It fits perfectly.
You can wear it now with boots.
And into the spring with your new sandals and bright pedicure.
Cheers to the freaking weekend.
Hudson will drink to that.

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