Blogger Event Fail

Did you notice something?

Pink Flamingo Style got a serious makeover.

No more basic blogger template.

I went all in and paid a company to design a layout that better reflects everything PFS stands for.

I hope you all like it.

Because this little blog is going to take the world by storm one day.

And we're going to look back on days like today and think, "how cute."


Speaking of Pink Flamingo Style.

You are all in for quite the treat VERY VERY soon!!

A giveaway is headed your way.

And not just a silly little trinket.

One that will hopefully wow you.

And yes, you will all have a shot at winning!

Stay tuned.


We now interupt this post by telling a story.

Last night I went to my first blogger event.

Spears, Lilo and I loaded up in our most blogger chic attire and went to an event at West Elm.

We thought we were doing well by showing up fashionably late.

Problem is we showed up AFTER the event.

Major fail.

Between my blue suede shoes and Spears' pink sequined beret and Lilo's obnoxiously high bun, we made a great entrance.

So the blogger event was a fail for PFS.

But we decided to walk around West Elm anyway.

I found a few things I can't stop thinking about.

1. Those pillows are insane in person.
2. The agate coasters would be the PERFECT hostess pretty in person.
3. I REALLY loved that mirror. I think that would make a wonderful addition to my dresser next to my jewelry.
4. OOOOOOOOOOOH a tray! You know how I feel about that! Could this one be any more perfect?
And then we stopped by Z Gallerie.
Here a few of my favorite finds.
1. Z Gallerie has some amazing paintings for relatively affordable prices. I love how simple this one is.
2. Driftwood seems to be quite popular these days. I keep finding it and have decided that I need to have a piece for myself. Coffee table perfection.
3.  I REALLY REALLY REALLY want one of those glass fish bowls. And yes, I'll get a fish. And name her Betch.
4.  Another pretty piece of art that would be perfect in any room.
Come by and visit me tomorrow.
I will be worth your while, I can guarantee that.

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