Around Here

Weekend! Workin' for the weekend.

Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh!

Son of *****!

Just a little Will Ferrell SNL memory for you there!


I'll keep this brief.

Blogger has been a complete douche lord.

Apparantly it doesn't want people winning stuff.

I've had quite a few people tell me that they can't comment on the giveaway post from yesterday.

If that's the case, do not fret.

You can email me {} and I'll count that as your comment!!


My mother {also known as Sweet Carol} is coming to visit me today.

So I've been busy cleaning up this dump.

I hope she notices.


I'll leave you with some things I'm loving right now in my place.


I said it.

I love my place.

And I love my things!

My very stylish SIL gave me these for my birthday.
I cannot put into words how much I'm obsessed with these!
I layer perfume daily.
This is my current favorite combination!
Layers upon layers.
That's how my bed rolls.
A new place to store all the little pieces of jewelry that somehow get lost in the shuffle.
This is a ceramic egg {carton/holder??} from Anthropologie.
Beyond obsessed with these suckers!
Anthro purchase from last year.
Lots of bright pieces to drown out the winter blahs.
Don't forget to register for the giveaway.
And tell all your friends too!!
Happy Saturday!!

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