Tuesdays with Hudson-Rugs

Hudson here.

Reporting for duty.

Don't my bangs look good here?

Oh, that other dog?

That's Madison.

Such a queen.

One of these days she will stop bullying me.

One day.

I'm in the process of putting finishing touches to the living room.

For some reason, my mom continues to bring home pillows with blue and green.


So I've put all four paws down and insisted that we pull in another color.

What better way to do this than a bright rug?

I've seen a lot of people blogging about Rugs USA.

So I jumped over and started to explore.

Here are a few of my top picks.

I like how bright this rug is.
I'm just not sure if it is too over the top.
This is the top contender.
I think this will be the one we pick.
So tell me.
Which one do you like the best?

Monday Catch Up


You are seriously the worst.

I know.

I'm the worst.

I've received several complaints about my hiatus.


I get it.

So in efforts of starting back to consistant daily blogging, lets talk about a few things that make me happy these days.


In a Kroger adventure last weekend, I picked these two beauties up.

Good Lord.

They are life changing.

And healthy.

At least I tell myself that.

My sister is such the makeup expert.

So when I find something she doesn't already know about, I feel pretty cool.

Needless to say, we are both obsessed with this goodness.

You will feel like a Kardashian with perfect skin instantly after applying this.

I found these gems in Homegoods over the weekend.
I regret not buying these.
They would be so perfect on a side table for just an added punch of dazzle.
Stupid budget.
Ha, who am I kidding?
It's honestly because I didn't feel like carrying them around the store.
And I had a hard time saying no to this.
With a few daisies, this little guy would be perfect anywhere!
This week's manicure.
This is for you, Lilo.
Would you looka there!
An accent nail!!
Constantine, the nail lady was convinced I was you.
She wouldn't let up about how she was the reason you were converted to gel.

A little progress on sprucing up the ole' entertainment center.
I saw this quote this week on one of my favorite blogs, Pawley's Island Posh.
It makes me smile.
My best friend from college just moved to Atlanta and drug me out of the house Friday.
She insisted we go out and see if we still had it.
Turns out we did.
No idea who the rando in this picture is.
But we got free drinks the whole time.
And several AWFUL pick up lines.
And we were gone by 12:30 am.
Looks like we can't hang like the old college days.
Make it a good one!

I'm the WORST

Let me go ahead and put this out there.

I'm the worst.

There's just been something about my sweatsuits that have sucked any energy/desire to put forth the work required for a new post.

I said it.


Like the kind you buy from Target in the mens' department.

So in an effort to not totally drop the ball, I offer you a peace offering.

One that should hopefully neutralize this situation.

And one that should keep Hudson from giving me more judgemental looks.


I'm really on a jewelry kick these days.

I'm beyond tired of the old faithfuls that continue to cycle through rotation.

So today, I found a few beauties I would like to make mine.

All from Anthropologie.



And then I came across two tops I would like to own.
I hear the money tree will start blooming any day now.

Weekend Shots/Teach Me How To Buy Groceries

Every now and then, everyone deserves a weekend spent alone.

Where you get to detox of all the silly things that normally stress you out.

When you can spend hours on the sofa in sweatpants {chucks}.

And you wake up 3 hours after you dozed off watching whatever movie was on TV.

That's what I did.

That and a few little shopping excursions.

A date with myself.

So naturally, I had to dress the part.

That shirt says "Liquid Brunch."
I was aiming for a look that says, "I'm mature."
And then I set out to Trader Joes.
And good lord, I loaded up on some of the randomest junk.
I've seen this floating all around the blogosphere.

And I had to try it for myself.


The rumors are true.

This Cookie Butter will do you in.

Reminds me a lot like the Biscoff Cookies and Cookie Spread {if you've ever had that}.

But much more affordable.

Have you ever had a chocolate dipped frozen banana?
Try these!
I bought stuff later in the weekend to make my own for much cheaper.
But they are the nicest little treat when you crave chocolate.

I'm excited to try this one.
You always hear how good Steel Cut Oats are for you.
This just cuts out all the time it takes to actually make them.
I'll give you my reviews once I've tried it.

No words needed here.
Can I get an AMEN!!?!?!?

Rule of Thumb when it comes to shopping at TJ's.
When you peruse the frozen aisle, use the Homegoods Rule.
Throw it in the cart.
You can always put it back.

I'm always tweaking things in my house.
I'm never fully done decorating.

So I saw on a blog where someone put all her oils, vinegars, seasonings, etc. in a basket close to the stovetop.
Clearly this is an easy project for Homegoods.
I'm on the hunt for a lamp for my TV console.
It can't be too bulky.
Especially the shade.
These guys looked fun, but not perfect for what I'm looking for.

Found some more gems while I was browsing.

I regret not buying that watercolor.

It was so pretty in person.

Finally decided that this is the day to whip out this casserole.

I bought this when I went to Charleston in the fall and stashed it in the freezer for a rainy day.

It wasn't raining.

But I said, "who cares" and tossed the sucker in the oven.

Good lord it was so good!!

If you have a recipe of something like this, please share!
New orchid plant project.


I'm obsessed with her.

And finally, just so you can see what a junk food skank I am.
This is my cart waiting to check out.
So healthy.
Is there a crash course on buying groceries?
Someone please help!!
Happy Monday, Flamingos.
Make it a good one!

Giveaway Winner and Random Saturday Obsessions

Is it bad to be sitting in pajamas at 12pm on a Saturday?

If it is, then call me a rebel.

Because I really like it.

I FINALLY ran the numbers and we have a winner for the giveaway!!!

Let me tell you a bit about Emily.
She got so excited about the giveaway.
I saw SEVERAL facebook posts spreading the word about it.
IMMEDIATELY after the giveaway announcement!
And she followed everything possible to amp up her odds of winning.
So as I was tallying everyone's points yesterday, I realized something.
She won but there was one slight problem.
She never commented on what she wanted.
So I called her over to my desk yesterday.
And said. "HEY TINA. Maybe you'ld like to go comment on what you would like if you won."
About 3 minutes later, an email popped into my inbox with her comment.
Now, technically she didn't follow the rules.
But she shared the mess outta this blog with all her friends.
And that is exactly what this giveaway was about.
I love that enthusiasm!!
And that's the word I would use to describe Emily.
So refreshing in a world of Debbie Downers.
Congrats, Buff!!
Now onto the Saturday post.
Since I missed Friday.
I probably could have posted yesterday evening.
But I downed a few too many glasses of wine.
And was drunk pinning by 9pm.
Waking up with an ipad on your face is ideal.
I tell you!
So today, I present you with a load of randomness.

I CANNOT stop loving the outfit above!

I'll start working this into the repetoire immediately.

Who cares that it is 40 degrees out.

If you don't already follow Made By Girl, you should bookmark it stat.
She is insanely talented.
And I LOVE her Cocoa & Hearts prints.
They sell out SO FAST!!

Also, she's doing a giveaway that I would kill for.
Isn't this perfect?
I want it for the pathetic "gallery wall" I have in my living room.
I've obsessed over that brass bed frame for about a year now.

I currently have the BULKY mahogany sleigh bed.

I love it but am ready for something different.

Isn't this one so perfect?

Now I just have to find one like it for myself.

Any suggestions?

Where do I start with this?

I absolutely love the picture above the bed.

I'm looking for something to go over mine and something like this would be incredible!

Every time I see this picture, it reminds me to slow down and stop taking everything so seriously.
I'm off to Trader Joe's to find a few orchid plants for my living room like Natalie did below.
Have a lovely weekend!

A few things

Hey you.

It's been a while.


Oh you noticed I waited until the end of the day to post?


My bad.

I've been thinking about a lot of things.

Like when is the right time to purchase the car eyelashes kit?

Is that ranked up there with purchases like groceries?


I know.



Hold your horses.

I know you are just DYING to know who the Giveaway's winner is.

Well this Tina just hasn't spent the time tallying up everyone's score and drawing a winner.


Tomorrow is the day.



Because tonight is Valentines Day and I will spend it listening to Bon Iver in my fuzzy robe perusing pinterest, this post is just a hodge podge.

Of all the things that randomly I snapped photos of this week.

Ahhh to live a day in my world.

You'ld just be overwhelmed.

I can assure you.

Assure you that you would be bored.


How pretty are all of these sheets of wrapping paper?

The Paper Source never does me wrong.

Except when they tried to charge me $20 for one particular piece.

Someone is getting serious about posting blogger worthy pics on her instagram.

Can't help it.


My valentines outfit.

Constantine asked me a real question today.

"Rachel-at what point are you going to start wearing real pants?"

Touche, Constantine.

But I wore pink.

So it is what it is.

My FAVORITE gift of the holiday.

You know me TOO WELL, C!

I want everything in this room.

Especially that little foot stool.

I eat waffles or cereal every night for dinner.

These are game changers.

Unbelievably good.

Sweet Carol gave me this in my Christmas stocking.

It is amazing!

I like to spray it on everything.

Makes me feel important.

Well this one has a story.

Shout out to my SIL for the brilliant idea of beer and bubble baths.

Rock-Your-World good stuff here.

Try it.

Back to the basics.

This is OPI Lucky Lavendar in gel.

So pretty!

Another purchase for the Dekalb International Farmers Market.

I cannot survive without granola every day.

LOVE this stuff!

Aren't Target candles where its at?

This one is so good.

The smell.

The pretty blue jar.

The price.

Happy Thursday, Flamingos.
Go fix  yourself a HOT bubble bath and toss a few back.
I know I did.

And one more thing.

Watch this video from one of my favorite blogs, Enjoying the Small things.

Kelle's daughter, Nella, was born unexpectadly with Down Syndrome.

Kelle has taken her lemons and made some kick ass lemonade, so to speak.

Read her blog.

You will fall in love with her immediately!!

Everything is in perspective now.

If this doesn't make you smile, I don't know what will.


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