Weekend Snapshots


The Worst.

Nothing else to say about that.

A few thoughts.

Whatever happened to Jamie Lynn Spears.

And Raven Simone?

I haven't slept much this week thinking about that.

Such superstars.

And Raven.

GAH those eyebrows.

Never looked better.


This past Saturday was planned to be a day 100% for this here little blog.

Spears and I set out early Saturday for a day to bring you a whole week's worth of content.

I told her that the attire would be blogger chic and to be prepared for me to lean more on the hipster side.

Hey its Saturday.

That's when nerdy glasses look their best.

So we set out to do what the chic bloggers do.

So I made a plan and here we go...
Obviously a day would HAVE to start with Coffee.
We googled coffee houses {no starbucks or DD allowed}.
You would be surprised what pops up.
I wasn't aware that a Chinese restaraunt falls into that search field.
Would you just look at that froth design?
I was still waking up so I almost forgot to document this.
But Spears forced me to be a good blogger.
The day was focused on the interior decorating stores looking for odds and ends.
I made my first in store visit to West Elm.
No Lilo, I do not live under a rock.
I am aware of all the goodness West Elm holds.
We passed a store with this window display.
A dress made of jumbo marshmallows.
Hudson said he approves because this is Tim Gunn style.

If you follow me on instagram {rachelanne523 or pinkflamingostyle}, you may have seen a few of these things already.

If you dont, then what are you waiting for?

Happy Monday!

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