Tuesdays with Hudson

Hey Suckers!

It's Tuesday, so we know what that means...decorating chat and chew with me, Hudson.
Would you just look at my cousin, Lexie? She is always demanding the attention.

Time for you to all stop everything you're doing and give me ALL of your attention.

Because I deserve it.

Have you seen my bangs?

They are Sasha FIERCE, people.

You should know that I am currently at my mountain house{aka Camp Saphhire} with my grandparents.

My mom is so boring.

She doesn't get out enough.

My grandparents like to travel and we all know how well an ascot fits into the posh mountain scene...so I happily obliged.

So I will let you in on a secret.

My mom has bought a desk {for the blog she claims-right}.

I know.

She is the worst.

But I can't stop her from online shopping.

I'm busy blowing out my bangs usually.

Anyway, since she decided to bring 1993 back to our house, I told her I at least get to pick the chair.

Enter my new obsession: THE bamboo chair.

Now to the naked eye, this looks like I pulled this right off the set of Golden Girls {which, if you ask me, isn't that terrible...that Blanche Deveroux is something else I tell you}.
Dig in a bit more and you will see that this lanai gem has the bones for a great piece.
Enter a few pinterest finds {yes, I have a pinterest account, but it is private...do you know how much of a market there is for skinny and posh yorkies? I can't take any risks}.

A few coats of paint and some cute fabric and OOOOHLAAALAA look what we have here!
Are you following my thought process now?
WAIT! Is that a pelican?
He is just a short fat flamingo if you ask me.
Lay off the minnows, sir.
Geez, you are a whale.
This is somewhat the look that we will be going for.
Except mom's glasses are MUCH nerdier/hip than those {more on those for another day}.

And there you have it.
My thoughts are better than yours.
Now, back to your mediocre lives.
I have a fire to sit next to.

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