Tuesdays with Hudson-Guest Rooms

Hudson here.
Reporting for duty.
I'm back from the mountains.
It was awful returning to reality.
While on holiday, I very quickly remembered how much I prefer living as a guest.
You think I enjoy sleeping in a queen size bed?
No, I do not.
I personally enjoyed the tempurpedic mattress to that Sealy she forces me to sleep on.
And then I realized, I have to tell my mother that she needs to step it up on the accomodations.
I haven't had a turn down service in months.
The sheets are NOT starched and pressed.
And when I wake up in the middle of the night, there is not a water caraf to reach for.
The nerve.
So for today's post, I want to share with you the essentials for a guest room.
Essentials, people.
I actually require a lot more, but for you "regular people," these will be ample.
As a guest, I want to feel special.
I want to know that someone stressed and over worked themselves in preparation for my arrival.
This is the look I require.
Have you ever walked into a Restoration Hardware and payed attention to how their beds are made?
You know I have.
So much that I demanded everything on that bed in that picture for Christmas last year.
Now I'm quite partial to all white linens.
Bleach people.
Use it.
It makes you look like you have someone cleaning your house daily.
Let's talk about why I approve this guest room.
Seating for me to read the morning news and later make calls to make fun of my hosts.
Fresh flowers.
That says, "you are our guest so we will spend money on making this room magazine worthy."
NO hideous ceiling fan.
DO NOT get me started on those.
Ample bed time reading light.
I like to read.
The New Yorker.
Equally as important as the items I've listed thus far is a plethora of luxurious necessities.
I also require a plush bathrobe and slippers.
Would you just look at that duvet?
I could nest very nicely in that.
Despite the undesirable size of that bed.
I COULD make exceptions.
I would try to keep my complaints to a minimum.
Well well well.
What do we have here?
Someone pulled out the silver.
Polished enough for me to check out my bangs, bedside.
Ugh Blogging can be so exhausting.
Hey do me a favor.
Please spread the word about this "blog."
My mom will NOT shutup about wanting to get a bigger following.
She promises GREAT giveaways in the future if she can get more traffic.
Also, you can follow me on twitter {@hudsonwithbangs}.
You can also follow this blog on twitter {@pinkflamingostyle} and instagram.
 {insert shameless plug for more readers}
Later, suckers!
Sir Hudson Campbell Machen

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