The CW, BC Talk and Chucks...Oh My!!

Fact: I just completely turned my whole place upside down simply to unpack, assemble and "decorate" the new desk.

The idea was to make this place as blogger chic as possible.

Fake it till you make it.


Well it was awful {pictures to follow...}.

I about had a coronary when there was furniture all out of whack.


It still looks awful.

But I can blog from a desk now.




In a VERY low moment, I caught the tail end of the CW show, Beauty and the Beast.

I'm not afraid to make fun of myself, so I'm comfortable sharing that.

I'm not ashamed.

I personally like the CW.

I wouldn't call it a complete waste.

I did discover a new song...
You are welcome.
P.S. if you aren't using Spotify these days...
I just can't.
NOW onto the story of the desk.
Upon its arrival, this happened.

Not even an IKEA purchase.
I confirmed that the assembly would be easy.
Okay, so I read the reviews.
Well whoever those people are, I would like to send 3 bags of 2 weekold trash as a gift to their bedroom.
Because they are liars.
That and I can't assemble anything.
This is why having a BC is always helpful to keep around.
But, after about an hour or three, I finally was able to make this happen.

Now you tell me.
What is more inappropriate?
The hearts filter I used with my new iphone app.
Or the gold Dinosaur on the desk.
I would like to introduce you all to something VERY near and dear to my heart.
I've chosen friends based solely off of their mutual admiration with said item.
Flamingos, meet the love of my life: CHUCKS.
Now you may be wondering, what the french are Chucks?

You can thank my brother and sister in law for this.

They came up with the name.

I'm jealous I didn't think of it first.

Growing up, we had an uncle who always wore sweatpants to winter family gatherings.

Hence why they are called "Chucks."


Now I wasn't aware of the beauty of these things until recently.

Is there anything better than coming home from work and jumping into a nice oversized pair of Chucks?


There is not.

That picture is of my mother searching for a pair of her own.

Please note the proportion size.

Honestly, the best way to wear these is if they are so large, you almost have to walk around holding them up.

So add a few pairs to your repetoire.

And add the phrase "Chucks" to your vocabulary.


Glad we had that little life lesson.

Because I will be discussing Chucks in the future and I expect you to know what I'm talking about.

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