I'm wearing nerdy glasses as I type this at my posh parsons table/desk.

I am turning into such a chic blogger.

The nerdy glasses were $15 and non-prescriptive.


So today the post is extraordinarily late.

I like to pronounce that word with a British accent as "ex-tror-di-na-ry."

The point is, I spent 2 hours this evening playing catch up on work items when I realized my civic duty is to get on that blogger and post.

Gosh Hudson, I'm glad you're home, but really.

Stop with the scratching my leg for attention.

I'm busy blogging.


So tonight I thought of a new blogging game.

Picture Roulet.

I've been known to save pictures on my computer/ipad.

Even WAY before pinterest.

So tonight, I randomly selected some photos.

With no rhyme or reason, here are a few things that caught my eye at some point.

If you don't already read The Everygirl, you should start immediately.
It is one of my absolute daily reads.
Kate Spade.
This one is great.
I look mediocre, at best.
But that Colby-man looks great.
Colby is my little sasster's dog.
He is what you would call "the all american gentleman."
Very unlike his cousin, Hudson.
Ahhhh the Arm Party.
I like parties on my arm.
I attend these daily.
Cheer up Gremlins.
Tomorrow is Friday.
Which can only mean one thing.
Leggings as pants.
And for the 2 dudes reading this...
Jeans {maybe with a crease down the front?}.

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