Lilly Pulitzer Loves Flamingos

This happened today.

Oh my little Tina knows me too well.

I really just don't know how to respond to a message like that except make a blog post.
VERY normal reaction for a girl pushing 30.
Speaking of blogs, I've noticed a pick up in the readers.
A lot of this is thanks to my little Sassy sharing the blog link on her Facebook account.
The rest of you should do the same thing.
Spread the love.
You know?
So if you are one of Sarah's friends, WELCOME!!
Odds are, you are most likely scared of me.
That tends to be the case with most of her friends.
Because I am the UBER protective older sister.
Mess with her and you have to deal with Misti Dawn.
And sister in law too.
A combination that together can be quite powerful.
Hey Kristen!!
Also, this morning, I noticed I had a post comment from a real blogger.
A well respected one, for that matter.
Go check out Michaela's blog.
Blogger decided to be a douche lord and delete her comment.

Just when I was starting to hit the big time.
So back to the flamingo shoutout my little friend "Tina" sent me.
I find it very appropriate that Lilly Pulitzer has a popular print with flamingos.
I have the iPhone cover.
So I stopped by their site this evening and found a few items that are too good not to share.
Well well well.
Lookie here.
100% Pink Flamingo Style right there.
Buying that top.
Isn't this perfect?
A perfect addition to the arm parties I always attend.
EVERY year I buy a new pair of sandals.
And they are worn consistently on a daily basis.
These could very well be this year's pair.

I want this.
I will wear this.

Loving this.
Loving it.
Loving it.
Loving it.
I'm going to keep begging for this until it happens.
I would love to hear from you.
Even if you're the lurker.
Post your comments.
It made me feel so special when Michaela did it yesterday.
I'ld love to hear from you.

What you like.
What you think I should NEVER post again.
All of it.
And if you ARE that lurker and doesn't want to comment, you can email me your feedback.
Don't forget to follow me on instagram {rachelanne523} and pinterest {}.


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