Leggings as Pants

This blog started on a whim.
That isn't true.
I check my favorite blogs daily and I would be lying if I said I didn't
secretly wish I was was one of those girls who make a living off it.
However, I don't think I'ld last too long in that
career field-for several reasons:
1.You can't imagine the amount of money I save on using
the paper bowls and spoons
I utilize for my morning yogurt/granola festival.
2. Hudson's judging looks would make me feel very inferior if I worked at home.
3.  In an office building, I am much more likely
to encounter at least 4 BC's daily. 
Nothing makes me feel more confidant than
a handy repair man giving me the stare down while I wait on an elevator.
4.  I really enjoy using my Peach Pass daily so
I can feel like I'm better than everyone riding in the normal lanes.
5. There is just something satifying about wearing Leggings as Pants in the workplace.
If you need me to defend my favorite professional gear,
you won't get very far. Instead, here are a few choices
that I highly recommend to jump on board with the lifestyle.

Anthropologie Aunt Esther Cameo Top $188
Anthropologie Dotty Monocrom Blouse $88
Anthropologie Glinted Peasant Blouse $128
Anthropologie Intarsia Wrap Cardigan

Before you go.
Let me clarify ONE little thing.
My disclaimer is that ALL leggings worn as pants may under NO circumstances be see through.

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