Leggings as Pants {Part 2}

It happened.

I got my first bit of constructive criticism for the blog.

Now you all should go ahead and know that flamingos are fierce and really dont care what others think.

But this flamingo aims to please.

That isn't true.

So in efforts of giving you wierdos what you want, I did some research.

Guys, I spent countless minutes trying to gather data that would point me in the direction of what all my fans like.


And then I discovered that my last leggings post was a hit.

Most popular-by a landslide.

Who knew?

Well you little rascals, I have a few more ideas for how to sport THE most professional attire available...

I don't have a source for this except for finding it on Pinterest.
But while we're here, can we talk about this girl?
I find it VERY convenient that she has a photographer following her around casually.
And do you think she is really drinking that coffee or is that a prop?
Five dollars that she is sporting some hipster nerdy glasses...I am so behind the trends these days-MUST purchase a pair asap.
Ahhh this girl and all her mysteries...I don't think I will be able to sleep tonight.
You can find this gem at Emerson Fry
Obviously, when you are wearing leggings as pants, you must stay in line with the same level of professionalism, so sporting a razzle dazzle button down is your best best.
Button downs offer so much flexibility {buttoned up= VERY professional...half way buttoned = you are trying to climb the ladder-just in the wrong way}.
Another Emerson Fry find
Oh hey Tina!  Just walking around casually huh? 
I would be too if I were wearing leggings.
I get it.
They are comfortable.
Room to move around.
The option of not having to change clothes after work because you just don't feel like using any more energy.
Because they fit so seemlessly in your boots.
Because you could eat your weight in cheese dip and not worry about the pants not fitting anymore.
Tina,  I hear you.
Now, I am about to give you an assignment.
I want to know what you want to see on here.
I'm talking to you, Spears & Constantine!
No more complaints are welcome unless you all offer your requests.
There is a comment bar-use it.
And if it's rude- I don't even care.
Next time we meet, I want at least 3 ideas from each of you.

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  1. Shabby sheik decor, using spray paint wisely, What would Ms World Do?, HobNob, and Oprah.


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