Leave Me Alone, I Want To Read

Gather round children, Rachel has a few things to tell you.

1.  Let's get started by taking a moment of silence for the dear Bethenny Frankel and soon to be ex-husband Jason Hoppy.  I love both of them equally so I'm having a hard time picking sides. I choose team Cookie because that dog is sassy and doesn't take anyone's mess.  HEY JASON, if you're reading this, I'm available. I don't mind Pennsylvania.

2.  Atlanta has been hit with the incubus plague and despite the 2 neti pot sessions and package of Emergen-C, I think I'm the next victim. I tried so hard, clearly.


3.  Hudson wants you to know that he is still judging me for not wearing matching pajamas. How he got stuck with someone dull like me, I don't know.

Now is the time for me to pretend I've been doing this blogging thing for years {wait I kinda have...this is really starting to get embarrasing...how I am still single I don't know}.

Let's get real here, the single life provides a bit of time to access my inner nerd and read. I frequent bookstores on the weekends. One of these days, I'm going to have a romcom moment where I pick up a book and some dashing man comments on how he just read it and then BOOM we're in love. Crap-it doesn't work like that. Its more like he's irritated that me and my pile of books are in his way {my campaign for coolness needs major contributions people}.

Without further adieu, let me share with you a few books I've enjoyed recently.

Ever read the blog Enjoying the Small Things? If not, do the world a favor and devote about 2 solid days to reading it. Kelle will pull you into her world of glitter and unicorns before you blink your eyes.  This book is a tear jerker-be warned! But it also will help you look at life in a much brighter light.
Next Blog Book Stop: Cupcakes and Cashmere.  I can't say enough words about how much I enjoyed this book. It makes a great gift!
This one cuts deep to the core. I think I've read it at least 4 times and everytime I read it, I learn something new.
I grew up in Alabama in a city that was the heart of the Civil Rights Movement.
I've heard endless stories but this one really hit home.
Go ahead and carve out a full day to read this because you will not want to put this down.
I just finished this last weekend but know this will be an all time favorite.
Ummmm because they really like spray paint too!

So let's hear it. I want to know which books you recommend. I WILL have my romcom moment in Barnes & Noble whether you like it or not. Leave me your picks and spread the word about this new corner of the world wide web.

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