You should know that I recently went to Ikea and I did NOT find the monkey dressed in a tuxedo like other Ikea patrons did in a far away location. I think it was rude of Ikea to deprive me of said experience. 

In all fairness, I have to ask myself what I would even do if I happened upon a monkey in the "Living in 325 square feet room." I'ld probably ask him how he feels about Ikea meatballs and cinnamon rolls {Oh me?? I love the cinnamon rolls-never had the meatballs but everyone raves about them}.

If you aren't living under a rock and actually log into pinterest every now and then {yes, Spears, this is 100% directed to how you are not cool enough to use pinterest}, you have most likely noticed the big "Ikea Hack" trend.

I will go ahead and confess that I secretly wish I could actually try one of these said "hacks," but let's be real here, my handy skills are limited to effortlessly attracting males of the blue collar type and nothing more {that will be a whole post for another day-you are welcome, Buff}. In the Ikea-hack-dream I live through, these are the projects I would master beautifully.

Image via Little Green Notebook
Image via Matsutake Blog
Image via Little Green Notebook
Image via Amber Interior Design
Image via My Crafty Home Life
Image via Ikea Hackers
Image found on Pinterest
Image via Little Green Notebook
Image via The Everygirl

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