Hey! Good news! I saw a dog today.  Two actually. And they looked at me in disgust for two reasons. 1. I slept until 9 am and 2. My pajamas were not a matching set.
I made a valiant effort to defend my life choices to them but the only thing they could say in return is, "judging you!"
And then I realized that maybe, just maybe, they are onto something.
So clearly, the next step was to start a blog.
Another one...
But this time, I'm blogging about what I care about.
Things like how I style my entertainment center...
So let's just get straight to the meat of this.
I like flamingos. A lot. 
This should come as no surprise.
Who else can stand on one leg for hours while they sleep? Not a peacock, that is for sure.
And if you look closely at flamingos, they will give you that look that tells you not only will they cut you, they will also make you feel so bad about yourself because you cant stand on one leg as long as they can. 
Fierce little warriors, I tell you.
So prepare yourself for a lot of fierceness here {there won't be any of that in reality because I'm not sure I really even know what fierce means but Beyonce made it popular, so obviously I will copy her}.
Everything ended up fine,

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