Gold & White

You again?


I think there are five people {maximum} reading this.

One of which is CLEARLY my best friend, Brandy.

You know, the Brandy that fought with Monica over some boy.

I wonder how they were able to ever resolve that.

Because every time I hear that song, I get just as confused on who he belongs to.

Brandy, could you just clarify who that boy ACTUALLY belonged to?? The PFS fans demand answers.



-I have a May deadline to make this blog famous {that's where you come in...please share the link if your little heart so desires...and if not, my best friend Brandy will tweet you into eternal loserdom}.

-This blog will be receiving a snazzy makeover shortly.  If anyone has suggestions for what you'ld like to see on here, shoot. Please dont email me that the blog needs fake lashes, she feels very inferior to the Kardashians.

-I am in a big Gold & White phase.

Let's discuss this, shall we?

Image via Design Sponge

No you little Gremlins, I am NOT planning nurseries. I just stumbled upon this and saved it.  I promise. Besides, why would I want to steal Brandy's recent engagement spotlight?
How fun are these sheets? YES they are meant for children, but I don't care, I want them.You can find these at Land of Nod.
I found these on Sterling Style's tumblr...follow her, she is awesome!  I spy a project in the making. Who is on board with me here?
Image via Anthropologie

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