Gap Finds



You made it all the way to Friday.

I find that a major accomplishment, personally.

As always, Fridays are devoted to one thing and one thing only.

You telling me how great PFS is.


Leggings as pants.

Kick her off Fergie!

Today we will discuss a pair of Gap jeans that claim to be legging jeans.
I don't believe they are called jeggings, at least Gap doesn't.

Also, they aren't for sale on QVC.
So I don't necessarily find these to be jeggings.
Also, to be specific these are Gap's "1969 Skinny Leggings Jeans."
Well if they are from 1969, I call that Legit.
I plan on trying these this weekend.
The world is my oyster, I know.
So since The Gap is attempting a comeback, I'll show you what I also plan on looking for on my experimental visit tomorrow.
This is a "Fitted Boyfriend Shirt" with a cat print on it.
If I bought this, would it say "I give up?"
No, I think it screams confidence.
The same way that Chucks do.
This is another color of the same shirt.
I personally really like these blouses.
And they would look great with those jeans from 1969.
I really like this dress.
I can't wear it with leggings.
But I could definitely work that into the Spring attire repetoire.
I pronounce that re-pi-twa, much like Spears prounounces the word, drawer, as drah.
Make it a good one kiddos.
And I will see you on Monday {the worst}.

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