First Outfit post

Last weekend, after my weekly manicure {Brandy was NOT THERE}, I ventured into one of my old stomping grounds.

Old Navy.

I know.

The worst.

Back in the days of having NO spending money, I would go to the Vintage Navy.

Because it was all I could afford.

I called it the "Vintage Navy" to make myself feel better.

Much like how girls refer to Target as Tar-jay.

Because let's get real.

Sometimes a girl just wants a cheap dress to satisfy a shopping craving.

And she still has to be able to afford her weekend drinks.

When I saw this dress, I knew that $10 could easily leave my bank account.
Dress: Old Navy/ Belt: Loft, Boots: Steven/ Watch: Coach/ Bracelets: C Wonder, Alex & Ani/ Earrings: Loft/
Rings: John Hardy, vintage {oooooooooooh Vintage!}

Oh I did it.

First self shot post.

You are welcome, Sassy.

She suggested that if I post pictures of myself on here, this blog will be more relatable.

Because you know, all the pictures I've posted so far are lots of skinny girls.

Sassy keeps it real.

And I like that about her.

I was thinking about the starvation plan before I posted a self shot, but I broke down at 10 am.

A cookie in the shape of a dinosaur is not something I can resist.


I walked into work and got an instant "oooooooooooh!!! J.Crew?" from Lilo.

Ha Lilo, NO.

Vintage Navy.

She later informed me that she did some online shopping.

I know you are jealous, Lilo.

This is no fur vest.

Later, little Buff came to my desk and gave me a "Ohhhh Tina, I am FEELING THIS!"

I knew I had made a wise choice.

And then Buff started worrying about what she will wear for Nautical Friday.

You couldn't impress me any more, Buff.


So I came home.

Stood in the most flattering pose possible for a self shot.

And I took that picture.

You notice that smirk?

That's me laughing at myself.


You are welcome Sassy!

Maybe, just maybe, I'll wear this to a speed dating event.


Mom would be so proud.

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