Do you know what that is? It's the world's best cup of coffee.

And do you know who gets coffee? CLOSERS

So put the cup down and accept that you're going to need more than coffee to get the wheels a-turning.

This is quite the bar I have here. Please notice that nothing has been opened and YES Spears, those are two bottles of fancy water.
Am I the only person who has pinned over 30 bar carts on Pinterest {oh gosh, here I go again, showing off how cool I am-please try to refrain yourself from considering your life choices}?

Sometime last fall, I informed my friend I am starting my own in home bar. We will refer to her as Spears {she chose that name, not me...but I like it better than Ms. Beiber}. So one day, Spears and I were sharing a LOVELY Saturday full of Frozen Yogurt, manicures and Home Goods adventures when I requested a pit stop at the liquor store.

You should know I'm not a big boozer, but some of my friends are, so I want to keep complaints at a minimum here. What initially was a great idea turned into making friends with the staff there who would later ask Spears where I was when she made a pit stop without me. 

Hey, did you know there is a bourbon with a horse on the top? I like it. Also, Spears likes a liquor that is $80. She will have to buy that on her own.

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