Case of the Mondays

Mondays are the worst.

Can I get an amen from all of you?

I think I just heard my next door neighbor say it.

I like to call him, "The Bear" because he is very questionable in regards to the team he plays for.


I've taken all of the two suggestions you little gremlins sent me and really started plugging away with making lists upon lists of what to put on this wee little blog.

You all should just SEE this top secret notebook I'm using to house all the ideas for this little pipe dream.

I am so posh, I'm using graphing paper.

So after about 30 pages of ideas, I've decided that I will start a series.

Welcome to "Case of the Mondays."

Designed to give you little snap shot of things I'm liking. 

Because Mondays are terrible.

So why not at least try to find a little silver lining.
{kick it off Fergie}

Let's get it started in here!

Festive Hair Ties
I fought long and hard on these.
I saw multitudes of girls wearing them and all I could see was a hair tie that is ridiculously overpriced.
And then one day in a spending binge, I bit the bullet and bought a packet of them.
They are ridiculously overpriced, but good grief they are wonderful.
Go buy them.
My Sister in Law started me on this.
She has raved about Gevalia coffee.
I have been a Dunkin Donuts fan for quite some time.
But it is annoying to have to make a separate trip to buy.
Last week I was browsing Publix {pretending that I know how to grocery shop-because I haven't the slightest clue}.
And then I found these.
I'm a convert.
Spring Scarves
I have decided that winter is really a waste after Christmas.
With the exception of leggings, winter clothes are just flat out terrible to me right now.
And I love being inappropriate, so any touch of Spring attire I can wear without freezing my tush off, I'm in.
And as far as scarves are concerned, I'm thinking about bringing back the neck scarf tied tightly in a knot-flight attendant style.
Your thoughts?

Because I really really really hope my next boyfriend wears pink sweaters.
Fingers crossed.
My mother will be ecstatic.
Also, if I buy this in every color, will I instantly get a new boyfriend.
That's how it works right?
DON'T ruin my dreams.
Now this is a rando.
But this stuff is where it's at.
I am a sucker for anything sold at Whole Foods. 
I could spend hours there.
And I just got a random idea one day to buy this little guy.
I didn't have the slightest clue what I would do with it, but $20 for 5fl oz, I thought-WHAT A STEAL!!
Today, I use it for all kinds of things:
-a few drops around the house makes it smell SOOOO good
-fozen lavendar towels after hot yoga
Back on that fake it till you make it Spring train, I got a manicure yesterday {clearly the lady didn't spend enough time on the cuticles...gross}.
I told her to bring me the most OBNOXIOUS pink she could find.
Teena delivered.
Happy Monday.
May the odds be evan in your favah.


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