Buttermilk Kitchen

Hey you.

I've missed you.

More than words can say.

To answer the question all of my fans have been asking {why no weekend posts?}-people just be patient.

The pressure you're putting on me is hard-harder than math.

Blogging isn't a cake walk.
It takes time, thought, high speed internet, supportive friends and supernatural powers to be able to give this world 5 weekly posts that are worth your time, energy and attention.

So without further adieu, pull up a chair and let me give you a peak into my world-one that I frequently am looking for the hidden cameras to appear because the circumstances are just too strange.


Spears and I have a standing Sunday brunch appointment-usually one that involves cheese dip.

Today, I suggested we actually partake in brunch, so off to a new-to-me restaurant, Buttermilk Kitchen, we went. 

As soon as I walked in the door, I couldn't help but love this place. I mean look at it...
I took that picture yall. I should seriously consider a career in photography. I even impress myself.
While waiting on our table, Spears points out that she already loves this place based on the fact that they serve beverages from mason jars.
I loved the place already {mostly because there were a lot of girls wearing the hipster nerdy glasses-that and the lady that wanted to sit awkwardly close to me on the waiting bench}.

We're seated by the window which was nice because  my "I just worked out and now meeting a friend for brunch" look is the exact look I'm going for with the paparazzi.
A table by the window provides me ample privacy to enjoy my meal with the added bonus of appearances in US Weekly next week in the "Celebrities are just like us" section.
Spears was very intrigued with the decor-especially the shuttered ceiling and I have to admit that our conversation topics even make me envious of myself for the level of thought and wit put into these.
On a side note-we weren't aware that there are brunch starters, but apparantly there are.
I opted for the Eggs Benedict {go big or go home right?} and Spears tries to impress me by ordering Shrimp & Grits. Spears knows I hold that dish very highly in my opinion. You are embarassing Spears.
And then it happened.

Out of nowhere, we started getting free food due to our wait time on our food.

I personally wasn't that aware that we had been waiting for too long-perhaps it was the flock of paparazzi snapping away that distracted me.

First came a plate of homemade biscuits.

And then after 3 people apologizing, a desert plate came.

As if that wasn't enough, neither of us were charged for our drinks.

Not even the more expensive french pressed coffee I ordered.

Most of you are impressed by this point, as you should be.  But for you jerks out that that don't care about this, well, just take a piece of the pie that Spears mom likes to serve. Have a big ole slice of "I don't even care" {say that aloud with the thickest Boston accent you can find}.

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