Lilly Pulitzer Loves Flamingos

This happened today.

Oh my little Tina knows me too well.

I really just don't know how to respond to a message like that except make a blog post.
VERY normal reaction for a girl pushing 30.
Speaking of blogs, I've noticed a pick up in the readers.
A lot of this is thanks to my little Sassy sharing the blog link on her Facebook account.
The rest of you should do the same thing.
Spread the love.
You know?
So if you are one of Sarah's friends, WELCOME!!
Odds are, you are most likely scared of me.
That tends to be the case with most of her friends.
Because I am the UBER protective older sister.
Mess with her and you have to deal with Misti Dawn.
And sister in law too.
A combination that together can be quite powerful.
Hey Kristen!!
Also, this morning, I noticed I had a post comment from a real blogger.
A well respected one, for that matter.
Go check out Michaela's blog.
Blogger decided to be a douche lord and delete her comment.

Just when I was starting to hit the big time.
So back to the flamingo shoutout my little friend "Tina" sent me.
I find it very appropriate that Lilly Pulitzer has a popular print with flamingos.
I have the iPhone cover.
So I stopped by their site this evening and found a few items that are too good not to share.
Well well well.
Lookie here.
100% Pink Flamingo Style right there.
Buying that top.
Isn't this perfect?
A perfect addition to the arm parties I always attend.
EVERY year I buy a new pair of sandals.
And they are worn consistently on a daily basis.
These could very well be this year's pair.

I want this.
I will wear this.

Loving this.
Loving it.
Loving it.
Loving it.
I'm going to keep begging for this until it happens.
I would love to hear from you.
Even if you're the lurker.
Post your comments.
It made me feel so special when Michaela did it yesterday.
I'ld love to hear from you.

What you like.
What you think I should NEVER post again.
All of it.
And if you ARE that lurker and doesn't want to comment, you can email me your feedback.
Don't forget to follow me on instagram {rachelanne523} and pinterest {}.

First Outfit post

Last weekend, after my weekly manicure {Brandy was NOT THERE}, I ventured into one of my old stomping grounds.

Old Navy.

I know.

The worst.

Back in the days of having NO spending money, I would go to the Vintage Navy.

Because it was all I could afford.

I called it the "Vintage Navy" to make myself feel better.

Much like how girls refer to Target as Tar-jay.

Because let's get real.

Sometimes a girl just wants a cheap dress to satisfy a shopping craving.

And she still has to be able to afford her weekend drinks.

When I saw this dress, I knew that $10 could easily leave my bank account.
Dress: Old Navy/ Belt: Loft, Boots: Steven/ Watch: Coach/ Bracelets: C Wonder, Alex & Ani/ Earrings: Loft/
Rings: John Hardy, vintage {oooooooooooh Vintage!}

Oh I did it.

First self shot post.

You are welcome, Sassy.

She suggested that if I post pictures of myself on here, this blog will be more relatable.

Because you know, all the pictures I've posted so far are lots of skinny girls.

Sassy keeps it real.

And I like that about her.

I was thinking about the starvation plan before I posted a self shot, but I broke down at 10 am.

A cookie in the shape of a dinosaur is not something I can resist.


I walked into work and got an instant "oooooooooooh!!! J.Crew?" from Lilo.

Ha Lilo, NO.

Vintage Navy.

She later informed me that she did some online shopping.

I know you are jealous, Lilo.

This is no fur vest.

Later, little Buff came to my desk and gave me a "Ohhhh Tina, I am FEELING THIS!"

I knew I had made a wise choice.

And then Buff started worrying about what she will wear for Nautical Friday.

You couldn't impress me any more, Buff.


So I came home.

Stood in the most flattering pose possible for a self shot.

And I took that picture.

You notice that smirk?

That's me laughing at myself.


You are welcome Sassy!

Maybe, just maybe, I'll wear this to a speed dating event.


Mom would be so proud.

Tuesdays with Hudson-Guest Rooms

Hudson here.
Reporting for duty.
I'm back from the mountains.
It was awful returning to reality.
While on holiday, I very quickly remembered how much I prefer living as a guest.
You think I enjoy sleeping in a queen size bed?
No, I do not.
I personally enjoyed the tempurpedic mattress to that Sealy she forces me to sleep on.
And then I realized, I have to tell my mother that she needs to step it up on the accomodations.
I haven't had a turn down service in months.
The sheets are NOT starched and pressed.
And when I wake up in the middle of the night, there is not a water caraf to reach for.
The nerve.
So for today's post, I want to share with you the essentials for a guest room.
Essentials, people.
I actually require a lot more, but for you "regular people," these will be ample.
As a guest, I want to feel special.
I want to know that someone stressed and over worked themselves in preparation for my arrival.
This is the look I require.
Have you ever walked into a Restoration Hardware and payed attention to how their beds are made?
You know I have.
So much that I demanded everything on that bed in that picture for Christmas last year.
Now I'm quite partial to all white linens.
Bleach people.
Use it.
It makes you look like you have someone cleaning your house daily.
Let's talk about why I approve this guest room.
Seating for me to read the morning news and later make calls to make fun of my hosts.
Fresh flowers.
That says, "you are our guest so we will spend money on making this room magazine worthy."
NO hideous ceiling fan.
DO NOT get me started on those.
Ample bed time reading light.
I like to read.
The New Yorker.
Equally as important as the items I've listed thus far is a plethora of luxurious necessities.
I also require a plush bathrobe and slippers.
Would you just look at that duvet?
I could nest very nicely in that.
Despite the undesirable size of that bed.
I COULD make exceptions.
I would try to keep my complaints to a minimum.
Well well well.
What do we have here?
Someone pulled out the silver.
Polished enough for me to check out my bangs, bedside.
Ugh Blogging can be so exhausting.
Hey do me a favor.
Please spread the word about this "blog."
My mom will NOT shutup about wanting to get a bigger following.
She promises GREAT giveaways in the future if she can get more traffic.
Also, you can follow me on twitter {@hudsonwithbangs}.
You can also follow this blog on twitter {@pinkflamingostyle} and instagram.
 {insert shameless plug for more readers}
Later, suckers!
Sir Hudson Campbell Machen

Weekend Snapshots


The Worst.

Nothing else to say about that.

A few thoughts.

Whatever happened to Jamie Lynn Spears.

And Raven Simone?

I haven't slept much this week thinking about that.

Such superstars.

And Raven.

GAH those eyebrows.

Never looked better.


This past Saturday was planned to be a day 100% for this here little blog.

Spears and I set out early Saturday for a day to bring you a whole week's worth of content.

I told her that the attire would be blogger chic and to be prepared for me to lean more on the hipster side.

Hey its Saturday.

That's when nerdy glasses look their best.

So we set out to do what the chic bloggers do.

So I made a plan and here we go...
Obviously a day would HAVE to start with Coffee.
We googled coffee houses {no starbucks or DD allowed}.
You would be surprised what pops up.
I wasn't aware that a Chinese restaraunt falls into that search field.
Would you just look at that froth design?
I was still waking up so I almost forgot to document this.
But Spears forced me to be a good blogger.
The day was focused on the interior decorating stores looking for odds and ends.
I made my first in store visit to West Elm.
No Lilo, I do not live under a rock.
I am aware of all the goodness West Elm holds.
We passed a store with this window display.
A dress made of jumbo marshmallows.
Hudson said he approves because this is Tim Gunn style.

If you follow me on instagram {rachelanne523 or pinkflamingostyle}, you may have seen a few of these things already.

If you dont, then what are you waiting for?

Happy Monday!

Gap Finds



You made it all the way to Friday.

I find that a major accomplishment, personally.

As always, Fridays are devoted to one thing and one thing only.

You telling me how great PFS is.


Leggings as pants.

Kick her off Fergie!

Today we will discuss a pair of Gap jeans that claim to be legging jeans.
I don't believe they are called jeggings, at least Gap doesn't.

Also, they aren't for sale on QVC.
So I don't necessarily find these to be jeggings.
Also, to be specific these are Gap's "1969 Skinny Leggings Jeans."
Well if they are from 1969, I call that Legit.
I plan on trying these this weekend.
The world is my oyster, I know.
So since The Gap is attempting a comeback, I'll show you what I also plan on looking for on my experimental visit tomorrow.
This is a "Fitted Boyfriend Shirt" with a cat print on it.
If I bought this, would it say "I give up?"
No, I think it screams confidence.
The same way that Chucks do.
This is another color of the same shirt.
I personally really like these blouses.
And they would look great with those jeans from 1969.
I really like this dress.
I can't wear it with leggings.
But I could definitely work that into the Spring attire repetoire.
I pronounce that re-pi-twa, much like Spears prounounces the word, drawer, as drah.
Make it a good one kiddos.
And I will see you on Monday {the worst}.



I'm wearing nerdy glasses as I type this at my posh parsons table/desk.

I am turning into such a chic blogger.

The nerdy glasses were $15 and non-prescriptive.


So today the post is extraordinarily late.

I like to pronounce that word with a British accent as "ex-tror-di-na-ry."

The point is, I spent 2 hours this evening playing catch up on work items when I realized my civic duty is to get on that blogger and post.

Gosh Hudson, I'm glad you're home, but really.

Stop with the scratching my leg for attention.

I'm busy blogging.


So tonight I thought of a new blogging game.

Picture Roulet.

I've been known to save pictures on my computer/ipad.

Even WAY before pinterest.

So tonight, I randomly selected some photos.

With no rhyme or reason, here are a few things that caught my eye at some point.

If you don't already read The Everygirl, you should start immediately.
It is one of my absolute daily reads.
Kate Spade.
This one is great.
I look mediocre, at best.
But that Colby-man looks great.
Colby is my little sasster's dog.
He is what you would call "the all american gentleman."
Very unlike his cousin, Hudson.
Ahhhh the Arm Party.
I like parties on my arm.
I attend these daily.
Cheer up Gremlins.
Tomorrow is Friday.
Which can only mean one thing.
Leggings as pants.
And for the 2 dudes reading this...
Jeans {maybe with a crease down the front?}.

The CW, BC Talk and Chucks...Oh My!!

Fact: I just completely turned my whole place upside down simply to unpack, assemble and "decorate" the new desk.

The idea was to make this place as blogger chic as possible.

Fake it till you make it.


Well it was awful {pictures to follow...}.

I about had a coronary when there was furniture all out of whack.


It still looks awful.

But I can blog from a desk now.




In a VERY low moment, I caught the tail end of the CW show, Beauty and the Beast.

I'm not afraid to make fun of myself, so I'm comfortable sharing that.

I'm not ashamed.

I personally like the CW.

I wouldn't call it a complete waste.

I did discover a new song...
You are welcome.
P.S. if you aren't using Spotify these days...
I just can't.
NOW onto the story of the desk.
Upon its arrival, this happened.

Not even an IKEA purchase.
I confirmed that the assembly would be easy.
Okay, so I read the reviews.
Well whoever those people are, I would like to send 3 bags of 2 weekold trash as a gift to their bedroom.
Because they are liars.
That and I can't assemble anything.
This is why having a BC is always helpful to keep around.
But, after about an hour or three, I finally was able to make this happen.

Now you tell me.
What is more inappropriate?
The hearts filter I used with my new iphone app.
Or the gold Dinosaur on the desk.
I would like to introduce you all to something VERY near and dear to my heart.
I've chosen friends based solely off of their mutual admiration with said item.
Flamingos, meet the love of my life: CHUCKS.
Now you may be wondering, what the french are Chucks?

You can thank my brother and sister in law for this.

They came up with the name.

I'm jealous I didn't think of it first.

Growing up, we had an uncle who always wore sweatpants to winter family gatherings.

Hence why they are called "Chucks."


Now I wasn't aware of the beauty of these things until recently.

Is there anything better than coming home from work and jumping into a nice oversized pair of Chucks?


There is not.

That picture is of my mother searching for a pair of her own.

Please note the proportion size.

Honestly, the best way to wear these is if they are so large, you almost have to walk around holding them up.

So add a few pairs to your repetoire.

And add the phrase "Chucks" to your vocabulary.


Glad we had that little life lesson.

Because I will be discussing Chucks in the future and I expect you to know what I'm talking about.

Tuesdays with Hudson

Hey Suckers!

It's Tuesday, so we know what that means...decorating chat and chew with me, Hudson.
Would you just look at my cousin, Lexie? She is always demanding the attention.

Time for you to all stop everything you're doing and give me ALL of your attention.

Because I deserve it.

Have you seen my bangs?

They are Sasha FIERCE, people.

You should know that I am currently at my mountain house{aka Camp Saphhire} with my grandparents.

My mom is so boring.

She doesn't get out enough.

My grandparents like to travel and we all know how well an ascot fits into the posh mountain I happily obliged.

So I will let you in on a secret.

My mom has bought a desk {for the blog she claims-right}.

I know.

She is the worst.

But I can't stop her from online shopping.

I'm busy blowing out my bangs usually.

Anyway, since she decided to bring 1993 back to our house, I told her I at least get to pick the chair.

Enter my new obsession: THE bamboo chair.

Now to the naked eye, this looks like I pulled this right off the set of Golden Girls {which, if you ask me, isn't that terrible...that Blanche Deveroux is something else I tell you}.
Dig in a bit more and you will see that this lanai gem has the bones for a great piece.
Enter a few pinterest finds {yes, I have a pinterest account, but it is you know how much of a market there is for skinny and posh yorkies? I can't take any risks}.

A few coats of paint and some cute fabric and OOOOHLAAALAA look what we have here!
Are you following my thought process now?
WAIT! Is that a pelican?
He is just a short fat flamingo if you ask me.
Lay off the minnows, sir.
Geez, you are a whale.
This is somewhat the look that we will be going for.
Except mom's glasses are MUCH nerdier/hip than those {more on those for another day}.

And there you have it.
My thoughts are better than yours.
Now, back to your mediocre lives.
I have a fire to sit next to.

Case of the Mondays

Mondays are the worst.

Can I get an amen from all of you?

I think I just heard my next door neighbor say it.

I like to call him, "The Bear" because he is very questionable in regards to the team he plays for.


I've taken all of the two suggestions you little gremlins sent me and really started plugging away with making lists upon lists of what to put on this wee little blog.

You all should just SEE this top secret notebook I'm using to house all the ideas for this little pipe dream.

I am so posh, I'm using graphing paper.

So after about 30 pages of ideas, I've decided that I will start a series.

Welcome to "Case of the Mondays."

Designed to give you little snap shot of things I'm liking. 

Because Mondays are terrible.

So why not at least try to find a little silver lining.
{kick it off Fergie}

Let's get it started in here!

Festive Hair Ties
I fought long and hard on these.
I saw multitudes of girls wearing them and all I could see was a hair tie that is ridiculously overpriced.
And then one day in a spending binge, I bit the bullet and bought a packet of them.
They are ridiculously overpriced, but good grief they are wonderful.
Go buy them.
My Sister in Law started me on this.
She has raved about Gevalia coffee.
I have been a Dunkin Donuts fan for quite some time.
But it is annoying to have to make a separate trip to buy.
Last week I was browsing Publix {pretending that I know how to grocery shop-because I haven't the slightest clue}.
And then I found these.
I'm a convert.
Spring Scarves
I have decided that winter is really a waste after Christmas.
With the exception of leggings, winter clothes are just flat out terrible to me right now.
And I love being inappropriate, so any touch of Spring attire I can wear without freezing my tush off, I'm in.
And as far as scarves are concerned, I'm thinking about bringing back the neck scarf tied tightly in a knot-flight attendant style.
Your thoughts?

Because I really really really hope my next boyfriend wears pink sweaters.
Fingers crossed.
My mother will be ecstatic.
Also, if I buy this in every color, will I instantly get a new boyfriend.
That's how it works right?
DON'T ruin my dreams.
Now this is a rando.
But this stuff is where it's at.
I am a sucker for anything sold at Whole Foods. 
I could spend hours there.
And I just got a random idea one day to buy this little guy.
I didn't have the slightest clue what I would do with it, but $20 for 5fl oz, I thought-WHAT A STEAL!!
Today, I use it for all kinds of things:
-a few drops around the house makes it smell SOOOO good
-fozen lavendar towels after hot yoga
Back on that fake it till you make it Spring train, I got a manicure yesterday {clearly the lady didn't spend enough time on the cuticles...gross}.
I told her to bring me the most OBNOXIOUS pink she could find.
Teena delivered.
Happy Monday.
May the odds be evan in your favah.

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